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AI Based Security & Compliance

Companies, which need to manage their customers confidential data e.g. PII, PHI etc. or need to have a 'clean desk policy', wAnywhere platform provides one of the most accurate real time detections using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to minimize risks with respect to data being seen by people who are not authorized and or attempt to record it with their mobile phones.

The pandemic has created huge security risks for companies managing confidential data. wAnywhere employee monitoring software has been enabling some of the largest BPO/Contact centre companies across the globe for multiple verticals – Finance, Health etc. Through its comprehensive remediation workflow, the wAnywhere platform facilitates detection, audit and provides all information to managers, auditors, admins, process heads etc. to take immediate action. It also provides a powerful configuration module which enables BPO and contact centre companies to configure security and violation detection levels at the process, department or group level.

Automated actions that need to be taken in case of any violations (e.g. Email Notifications, Operating system level screen blocking or based on a One Time password) can be configured. . Intuitive Dashboards and reports provide data points at an individual level to Organisation level to get micro as well as a macro view with multiple downloadable MIS reports.

AI Based Detections
Facial Authentication

Along with standard user name and password based security, wAnywhere provides Facial Authentication, AD Directory integration as well Multi-Factor Authentication.

Not at Desk

Detects whether the person has left the machine unattended.

Multiple Persons detection

Detects whether there is more than one person in front of the host machine with camera.

Unknown person detection

Detects whether there is an unknown person ie.a person not registered in the system.

Mobile Detection

Detects whether a Mobile phone is in the radar of the camera.


In case of violations, different actions are provided which can be triggered in real time e.g. None, emails, Operating system level screen locking, Blacking out screen and One Time Password based unlocking of the blackout screen.

Screen Grab

wAnywhere Platform provides a feature using which Screen shots can be taken at a defined interval for audit purposes. Auditors can review those through the console. We also provide an SDK which can be used by BPO and Contact centre companies to integrate it with other tools e.g. Dialers to trigger screen grab as and when required. The feature is by default disabled.

wAnywhere Management Console

The role-based Management console provides different ways to view breaches/violations. Access control is intrinsically built into the system to restrict access to only permitted roles. Multiple roles are supported by the system, which can be easily configured either during the provisioning of the user or later through the console. Different views are provided e.g. department/process/individual or based on violation types. The powerful remediation workflow provides a systematic mechanism to address violations and take corrective actions in real time.

Each feature can be disabled or enabled department/process wise.

wAnywhere provides a unique feature to blur images so that Privacy concerns can be minimised. The platform provides multiple blurring mechanisms which can be configured in the console.

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