Ensure compliant remote teams and secure business operations

Keep track of how your remote teams behave and detect any risky actions to negate data privacy and security violations

AI-Enabled Detections

Track employee behavior and measure if remote teams’ actions align with business regulations to control violations and data privacy breach

Maintain Clean Desk Compliance

Enable a secure environment for work by maintaining Clean Desk Policy to neutralize breaches and ensure compliance

Ensure Data Privacy

Identify any risky behavior of your remote employees to detect and counter violations for workplace security

Control your teams actions and ensure secure work environment

Measure your remote teams’ activities to predict any risky behavior with AI based real-time detections
and neutralize data and compliance violations in distributed work

AI Powered Security and Compliance

Control Your Teams’ Actions and Data Privacy with
AI-Enabled Monitoring

Get enterprise security compliance with AI-powered violation detections to control your agents’ activities and secure important business data.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Authorize your remote employees with Face Recognition and Identify Unknown Person at Desk to validate access to vital business resources and negate the risk of information security breach
  • AI Based Security & Compliance
    Detect Employee Not at Desk or Multiple Persons around the Work Desk to safeguard important business data from unauthorized exposure
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Identify Mobile Use at Work with real-time object detection and find out if your remote teams use mobile device at workplace to negate the instances of screen recording or screen capture for data privacy
AI Based Security & Compliance
AI Based Security & Compliance
Enable Clean Desk Policy and Data Privacy

Keep Your Remote Teams Compliant with Business Policy and Ensure Data Privacy

Track each of your distributed teams’ actions to keep them aligned with the Clean Desk Policy and enable data protection policies in remote workplaces

  • Security and Compliance for BPO Teams
    AI-based detections to track if your teams’ actions sync with Business Policy to ensure they work in compliance with business/standard regulations including ISO, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 Type2, and more
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Ensure PII and PHI Masking for personal data protection and avoid unauthorized exposure or breach to maintain user or business information confidentiality
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Configure Black Out/Block/OS Lock Screen against risky employee actions and negate violations to ensure Clean Desk Policy and Data Privacy

Know How wAnywhere Ensures Security and Compliance
for Your Remote Teams

Location Tracking and Geofencing

Create Location-Agnostic Secure Work Environment for Operational Efficiency and Data Confidentiality

Monitor where your distributed teams work and what activities they perform to control their actions and ensure data confidentiality.

  • AI Based Security & Compliance
    Track where remote teams work with Location Tracking and monitor their activities to ensure compliance and data privacy
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Geofence the location to control remote employees’ actions and limit their activities to control security in remote work
  • Security and Compliance for BPO Teams
    Secure Business Data and Device against unauthorized Breach or Theft by tracking remote teams’ actions against Geofencing to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to business resources
AI Based Security & Compliance
AI Based Security & Compliance
Screen Recording and Real-Time Activity Tracking

Monitor Your Remote Teams’ Activities to Detect and Control Risky Actions

Track what activities your remote teams do and identify if there are any risky employee behaviors to control violations in distributed work.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Capture your remote teams’ screens at defined durations with Screen Recording to learn what their actions are and detect if they are any risky activities to negate breach of data privacy and maintain security in remote work
  • AI Based Security & Compliance
    Screenshot employee activities to measure them as Compliant or Non-Compliant to detect and control privacy and data protection in remote workplace
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Track your teams' App & Web Usage to detect risky Websites or Applications to restrict them and secure your employees’ app and web usage
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Flexible Deployment Options for Your Business

Gain the flexibility to host your data on a Private Cloud or On-Premise and also benefit from the Remote Deployment option to get started in no time

On-Premise or Cloud Installation

Select from On-Premise installation on your network to Private Cloud installation, wAnywhere is tailored to fit your business needs

Remote Deployment

Deploy quickly and easily on a number of devices anywhere in one go with effortless wAnywhere Remote Deployment

Easy Installation for Remote and Hybrid Working Teams

Work in a more informed way with actionable insights into your distributed teams’ actions and create more secure business processes

AI Based Security & Compliance

For Hybrid Working Teams

Do your employees work in hybrid environment and on personal devices? wAnywhere empowers you to track their activities to detect and control compliance and ensure business data privacy.

For Remote Working Teams

Do your teams work across remote locations and on company devices? wAnywhere enables you to track their actions to detect and control data and device safety against unauthorized breach or theft.

AI Based Security & Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Desk policy helps your remote teams align their actions with business policy to negate violations and data breach instances - resulting in improved data privacy in remote work.

Screen recording helps you capture employees' activities in remote work to measure their actions and detect risky behavior to align employee actions with business policy for clean desk compliance and data privacy.

You can utilize Location Tracking feature from employee monitoring software to monitor in real-time where your teams work and what activities they do to measure their actions and ensure business data and device safety.

Employee monitoring software enables you to automate violation detections and actions against risky employee behavior to negate data breach instances and enable Clean Desk Compliance for Data Privacy in distributed work.

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