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App & Web Usage – Know how remote teams spend time at work

Posted On May 30, 2023

Ensuring your teams do work-bound tasks in remote work helps achieve expected productivity at organizational level. How remote teams dedicate hours accessing what web & apps define efficiency and growth achieved.

Why tracking app & web usage matters in remote work

Measuring applications & websites that remote workers access helps determine their productive/unproductive hours and overall performance executed.  

However, it is no less a challenge tracking remote teams app & web usage considering they work in an unmonitored environment. Taking support from wAnywhere can help get the answer. 

The remote employee monitoring software has been assisting organizations manage their distributed teams by tracking performance and identifying improvements to gain more.

Let’s learn how employee monitoring software helps track web & app usage of remote workers to detect how they spend time in distributed environment: 

Configure app/web usage to determine remote team efficiency

Define category and type for websites/applications to measure how remote teams use them (either for work or non-work).

Web And App Usages
Figure 1: wAnywhere showing app & web usage configuration

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Benefits of tracking app & web usage in remote work

Draw the following advantages of using wAnywhere desktop monitoring software in determining how efficiently they spend work hours:  

Label apps/websites based on remote team access 

Whether productive/unproductive or neutral, decide on what apps/websites help remote teams at work, what distracts them, and what stays neutral (neither help nor distract).        

Measure productive/unproductive time remote teams spend

Track what time remote workers spend doing work-bound tasks and what time doing unproductive work (chat, video, etc.).  

Estimate what hours remote teams dedicate to work

Monitor app/web usage of remote workforce to measure what time they actually dedicate to work.     

Get comprehensive productivity analytics

Gain app/web-based visualization and view reports to analyze efficiency of distributed workers.

Donut Chart Productive And Unproductive Websites
Figure 2: wAnywhere console showing analytics of app & web usage by remote teams

Track work patterns of teams in remote environment and keep them aligned to business goals. Learn how wAnywhere remote employee & desktop monitoring software helps detect what app & web usage leads their productive/unproductive hours to gain control.      

By knowing app and web usage, you can identify how teams spend time and what productivity they perform. Also, you can minimize or negate unproductive time by limiting non-work-bound apps and websites to enhance team performance.  

With app and web usage tracking, you can know where remote teams waste most of their time and how it impacts their performance. You can use the performance data to control unproductive time and improve performance.  

You can use wAnywhere employee monitoring software to track what apps and websites remote teams access and measure what productive and non-productive time they spend.

wAnywhere employee monitoring software enables you to track app and web usage to label them based on their category so you can measure what productive or non-productive time remote teams spend.

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