Get Started

Know how to define roles & responsibilities in wAnywhere monitoring software.

Step 1: Super Admin User Registration

  • Go to wAnywhere
  • Click on the Register button
  • remote desktop monitoring software
  • Fill in the required details and click Register
  • remote desktop monitoring software
  • Once done, you get a registration link in your email to help you redirect to the wAnywhere console login page
  • Now, log in with your registered User ID and Password

Step 2: More User Onboarding

  • Being logged in as Super Admin, you can add more users to the console with User Management

Step 3: Agent App Installation

Step 4: Configuration Settings

  • Use Configuration settings on wAnywhere console and define parametersbased on requirements
  • remote desktop monitoring software

Step 5: User Productivity

  • As a Super Admin, you can Overview employee productivity parameters on organization-level with Productivity dashboard
  • remote desktop monitoring software
  • Measure work patterns of all the users with Activity Monitor in productivity dashboard
  • remote desktop monitoring software