How to generate an agent application log?

Agent logs can be extracted by the Agent/User from agent application and can be seen by the Superadmin, Admin and Manager on console. Agent’s logs are the application logs from where you can investigate the issue on the agent’s system.

Agent log generation

Open the wAnywhere agent application, there you can see an icon of log button on the top right of the application alongside the ‘Eye’ icon. Click on it.

Idle Time

Then After clicking on the log button the agent/user will get a notification on the screen-Logs have been successfully uploaded to the server. Kindly check console to view!’

Idle Time

Then the logs will be available to be viewed on the console.

Agent Log Generation

Agent log download

Open and login into the wAnywhere console on browser.

Agent Log Download Step 1

Click on the dropdown near the name of the user and then click on the settings.

Agent Log Download Step 2

There you will find the audit logs option click on it, from where you will be able to see and download the application logs of the agents.

Agent Log Download

After clicking on audit logs, click on the agent download tab next to the audit log tab.

Agent Log Download

There will be a list of user/s who have extracted the logs of the application, from there you can download the agent application logs and see the details.