Copy/Paste Detection
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Copy/Paste Detection – Control malicious intents and data security

Posted On May 22, 2023

Organizations that process sensitive data, i.e., banking, finance, etc. need to ensure data security across their work environment either office, remote, or hybrid. Controlling copy/paste actions across their distributed workforce can help them make sure data protection & integrity.  

Why copy/paste detection is important

Protecting sensitive data to not get exposed with copy, alter, share, & more such malicious intents from copy/paste actions. Detecting copy/paste can safeguard against data mishandling.          

Tracking workforce copy/paste actions and identifying data violations (copy/alter/share/other malicious intents) is a tricky task. wAnywhere helps in this as the remote employee monitoring software enables remote/hybrid organizations to detect and prevent copy/paste actions to protect confidential information and maintain data integrity.

Let’s understand how you can set controls against remote/hybrid teams’ copy/paste detection and trigger corrective measures to protect sensitive information from being mishandled/violated/breached.

Configure copy/paste to restrict malicious actions 

Define controls against copy/paste actions to identify violations & trigger corrective measures to ensure data security. 

Benefits of controlling copy/paste actions

Gain the following advantages from wAnywhere remote/hybrid workforce copy/paste detection software in negating malicious actions and protecting data confidentiality:            

– Stay aware of malicious intents

Secure business-sensitive information from getting violated.  

– Gain insights on copy/paste actions

Get significant details such as who copied what text/number/file/document.

Copy/Paste Report
Figure 1: wAnywhere console showing drill-down copy/paste report

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– Prevent potential data exposure

Detect bad actors and prohibit their malicious intent.

– Detect and deter unsafe file actions

Identify copied files with confidential data.

– Safeguard sensitive data/files     

Detect & secure against malicious actions of data mishandling.         

Protect against malicious intent of data violations to maintain data security & integrity. Know how wAnywhere employee & desktop time tracking software can help identify & control malicious actions and safeguard business-sensitive information.

You can enable copy paste detection by defining control against copy paste action and prevent data mishandling or breach. 

wAnywhere enables you to define controls against copy paste actions from remote teams and negate the chances of data breach in distributed work.

You gain the following capabilities with employee activity monitoring:

  • Detect and negate unsecured data actions
  • Eliminate potential data risks
  • Protect important information

wAnywhere copy paste detection ensures data privacy by controlling malicious actions and protecting critical information against unrecoverable data breach losses.

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