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Vault – Control secure storage and access to critical documents

Posted On June 15, 2023

Business documents hold critical information and they need to be stored or shared securely. It becomes even more important to ensure security of official files/docs in distributed environment. A reliable medium allowing safe storage and access to critical docs helps ensure security.

Here comes a challenge as remote work poses a potential risk of data breach. So how to enable distributed organizations with secure storage and manage authorized access, even sharing of files with remote teams?

wAnywhere, a trusted remote employee monitoring software, provides a secure document storage solution as Vault to help distributed organizations authorize access to stored files/docs and complete visibility into who shared what and with whom to negate risks.

Why securing information matters in remote work

Official docs/files carry critical information and need to be protected. Allowing safe storage and access in remote work enables security against potential risk of breaches in distributed environment.

What is wAnywhere Vault

wAnywhere Vault helps remote organizations ensure secure storage and access to files/docs with full control over what team uploads or shares what documents.

How it works 

Upload a file or doc to Vault for safe storage. The reliable storage medium helps control security of files/docs at stay, being accessed or moved.

* Vault can be deployed on-premise or in private cloud.

Upload File To Vault

Figure 1: Upload a file/doc to Vault for secure storage

Advantages of wAnywhere Vault

wAnywhere Vault helps remote organizations gain following benefits: 

– Secure storage to negate risks

   Control secure storage, and access to critical files/docs.

– Control the doc at rest, or moving

   Authorize access to files/docs and ensure share, move, or distribute files through reliable platform.

Ensure authorized access

   Ensure access to authorize remote teams in an organization.

– Decide action

   Manage files/docs to protect information. 

– Deploy on-premise or in private cloud

   Vault can be deployed on-premise or in private cloud.

– Gain complete visibility

   Get complete visibility into who shared what and with whom.

Vault Showing Access To Files/Docs In Tabular Form

Figure 2: Vault showing access to files/docs in tabular form

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Control the storage or access of official files/docs with full transparency and eliminate the risks. Know how wAnywhere Vault helps authorize storage and access of official docs for full transparency and control.

Secure document storage as wAnywhere Vault provides ensures only authorized teams can save and access documents from here. 

Business data needs to be secured to avoid unauthorized breaches. Here, an effective storage medium, like wAnywhere Vaults, helps organizations control storage and access of data to negate security risks.   

wAnywhere Vault enables organizations to allow only authorized teams to store and access data, negating risks of unauthorized breaches and data security. 

Remote organizations can utilize wAnywhere Vault to ensure only authorized teams can store and access critical business data or documents to avoid security risks.   

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