Cost of Unproductivity in the Workplace
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Cost of Unproductivity in the Workplace – How to improve employee efficiency at work

Posted On May 27, 2024

Organizations operating with remote teams report that 35% of their workforce faces productivity challenges. The growing inefficiencies at work cost organizations $930,000 per year, indicating an urgent need to align teams to perform more efficiently.

A productive team is the driving force behind business growth but if they face disruptions that can severely impact operational efficiency. Let’s understand the consequences of employee non-performance at work with an example – if an employee drawing $60,000 a year is non-productive 20% of their overall work hours, that contributes to $12,000 of non-utilized business resources – now, multiply that by a team of 20, and the cost amounts to wasted $242,000 that could have been spent on encouraging employee motivation and rewarding exceptional performers.

Let’s understand the key reasons that lead to workplace inefficiencies and why employees feel disengaged at work.

Cost of Unproductivity in the Workplace

What are the most contributing factors to workplace distractions

The unmonitored and flexible remote work environment can cause distractions in the form of employees taking frequent breaks, spending excessive time on non-work-bound activities, or not utilizing their work hours to perform more productive work.

Let’s discuss the 3 main reasons for what causes the most disruptions to employee productivity at work:

Growing non-productive app and web usage

A productivity report reveals that 47% of the remote workforce spends time on non-productive applications and websites during work hours which contributes most to workplace inefficiencies. 

Employee overutilization leading to burnout

Overworking employees are most prone to burnout, as a study shows that workforce fatigue costs companies $1967 per employee.

Limited or no access to needed resources 

46% of the distributed workforce report they don’t have access to the required resources including helpful apps and tools to perform productively.

How wAnywhere can help improve employee engagement at work

Leveraging advanced workforce analytics from employee productivity monitoring, you can extract the data that matters out of the employee workflows that can help you answer – what employee work patterns are – how they spend time at work – what their productive trends are- and what employee activities drive or disrupt productivity at work.

Define clear expectations

Define productivity metrics including allocated break and idle time, apps and websites to access at work, expected productivity / work hours, and efficiency benchmarks to assess performance and decide corrective measures using work tracking software.

Evaluate and improve performance

Analyze the data to gain actionable insights into what goes well and where teams feel stuck, including – how engaged employees are at work – what their utilization ratio is – and whether they are able to focus at work or overworking and inviting the risk of burnout – take the data to help using employee monitoring software and figure out what is causing the problem and enhance efficiency at work.            

Encourage a positive work environment

Gain complete visibility into how your distributed teams are doing and where they need support to improve efficiency at work. Implement employee computer monitoring software to help your workforce thrive in a productive environment and achieve more.

Enhance efficiency and boost performance

Staying in sync with what helps or what causes distractions for your teams working distributed across locations is key in measuring and managing workforce productivity. Experience wAnywhere today to find how workforce analytics software from employee screen monitoring can enable you to align your teams with business goals and accelerate growth.

The factors, including disproportionate work distribution, employee overworking, burnout, and disengagement at work cause workplace inefficiencies. Get help with employee productivity management to gain advanced intelligence into what drives or disrupts employee engagement at work and boost performance.

Engaged employees perform the most productive work while disengagement disrupts their potential to perform efficiently. Unlock advanced workforce analytics capabilities of employee productivity monitoring to measure and align workforce efficiency, helping them achieve more.

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