Employee Productivity Leaderboard
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Employee Productivity Leaderboard – Recognize efforts & encourage performance

Posted On May 24, 2023

Identifying top performance in your organization helps boost employee motivation and drives them to achieve more. It also encourages teams to improve productivity and better contribute towards achieving business goals. 

Here comes the challenge as organizations find it tricky to measure performance and identify top performers to motivate them. wAnywhere presents a capable solution in employee productivity leaderboard to enable businesses to recognize and encourage top performance, also motivate teams to boost efforts for more achievements.

Why employee productivity leaderboard is important

Productivity leaderboard is a gamified way of showcasing top performers based on their exceptional efforts. It helps measure best contributions towards business objectives. 

Let’s learn how employee productivity leaderboard feature from wAnywhere works and how it could benefit organizations in measuring performance and identifying best efforts. 

Configure leaderboard feature with defined metrics

Define metrics i.e., break/idle time duration, work hour utilization, violations/attendance count to allocate points to employees who stay within the thresholds and deduct points for employees who exceed them. 

You get the option to select from weekly/monthly/quarterly parameters to measure performance. Also, you can select from badges to motivate top performance. The feature can be configured organization/department-wise.

Employee Productivity Leaderboard
Figure 1: Leaderboard encouraging employee performance

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Advantages of employee productivity leaderboard

Gain the following benefits from wAnywhere employee monitoring software to motivate teams for greater results:

– Set goals in quantifiable terms for teams 

Define goals in clear and quantifiable terms for workforce to track their performance.

– Measure achievements & identify improvements        

Measure achievements from workforce   to identify performance improvements.

 – Enhance engagement to boost performance  

Increase engagement by recognizing efforts and motivating teams to perform productively. 

– Recognition & motivation for more productive workforce 

Identify improved performance to encourage teams to achieve more.

– Leaderboard dashboard for intuitive visualization

Get an overall view of top achievers with their gained points, motivation badges, and departments.

Employee Leaderboard
Figure 2: wAnywhere showing leaderboard dashboard with overview of employee performance

Know what employees are showing exceptional performance and what needs a boost to improve productivity. Learn how wAnywhere employee & desktop time tracking software helps to recognize and motivate exceptional efforts.

You can motivate teams with wAnywhere Leaderboard in the following ways:

  • Set quantifiable objectives
  • Acknowledge achievements and encourage performance
  • Improve engagement and motivate productive work
  • Recognize exceptional efforts to achieve more

You can define productivity metrics using wAnywhere Leaderboard and encourage teams to align their actions toward optimizing performance and business operations.       

wAnywhere Leaderboard encourages teams to engage in more productive work by defining productivity metrics and motivating teams to perform more productive work.      

Gamified Productivity Leaderboard from wAnywhere helps you engage your teams in more productive work and encourage them to achieve more.

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