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WaterCooler – Unwind with remote teams in a casual virtual space

Posted On June 22, 2023

Team interaction is often encouraged at workplace to promote conversation, share ideas, bond together, and support a positive culture. Now with most teams working in distributed environment, that interaction has reduced only to official work-bound meetings. Here the innovative virtual space, that wAnywhere WaterCooler provides, helps remote teams get office-watercooler-like informal settings where they can casually talk, discuss, and collaborate with teams.  

What is virtual WaterCooler

Virtual watercooler allows remote teams to engage in a flexible virtual environment where they can interact in a general conversation, collate ideas, and get to know new members. 

How wAnywhere WaterCooler works

Resonating office-like watercooler environment, it provides an unmonitored relaxed virtual space to invite remote teams to get engaged for general conversation or discussion.  

Effective ways to utilize WaterCooler communication 

Some best practices to benefit from watercooler communication:

– Utilize breaks between work to start casual conversation  

– Engage in watercooler chats to socialize with different teams

– Foster better team bonding and feel connected

– Discuss passion or interests to involve with teams 

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How WaterCooler helps encourage engagement in remote work

WaterCooler from wAnywhere remote employee monitoring software helps break department siloes and allows cross-teams to gather in a flexible environment where they can:      

Meet and Conversate  

Meet and conversate generally to better bond together and know each other.

Connect and Refresh 

Connect with distributed teams during lunch breaks or while making coffee to feel refreshed. 

Casually Bond 

Utilize breaks between work to bond casually with remote teams and have open communication.

Feel Involved

Increase engagement with teams and feel more involved in work environment. 

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Advantages of virtual WaterCooler 

wAnywhere WaterCooler allows remote teams to get together in a relaxed space to feel connected and re-energized in following ways:

– Team bonding  

   Gather together and make social connections in remote workplace.  

– Informal interaction

   Conversate casually, talk about latest shows, and better know each other. 

– Unwind with teams

   Share weekend fun stories, chat about interests, or talk about personal lives. 

– Lively conversations

   Randomly pair with teams in an unmonitored environment for lively conversations. 

 Eliminate silos

   Cross-connect with teams, involve in open communication, and eliminate siloes.   

Let remote teams find a flexible environment to conversate unmonitored. Know how wAnywhere WaterCooler helps distributed workforce feel connected, interacting, and unwinding.        

wAnywhere WaterCooler helps remote teams connect in an unmonitored virtual environment to know new team members, cross-connect with other teams, find suggestions/feedbacks, or talk about life in general.   

Log in to wAnywhere console > go to WaterCooler (located in the left pane under App Shortcuts). You’ll be asked for camera access, depending on your choice, you can join with on/off camera to connect with remote teams in a flexible environment to talk, discuss, or chat. 

wAnywhere WaterCooler provides remote teams an unmonitored virtual space to cross-connect with members of other departments, get familiar with newly joined skills, and better engage with them in a casual environment.   

You can ask for a demo today and wAnywhere team will help you better understand how the flexible collaboration feature will enable improved engagement and drive a collaborative culture in remote work.

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