How to resolve the Unauthorized face detected error?

Step 1: This document explains steps for user getting ‘Unauthorized face detected’ error while logging into Agent Application.

Step 2: The Super Admin/Admin needs to go to ‘User Mgmt’ section on console and look for User’s Face Image.

Step 3: Click on three dots against Username and select Edit to access User Details section.

Edit Live Users Profile

Step 4: Super Admin/Admin can now check in the User Details Section if the user’s face is available.

Step 5: If User Face is not available, the user needs to register face using the steps mentioned in How to register user face – wAnywhere – Work from Anywhere

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Step 6: If User’s face is available in the User Details section, the user now is required to retrain the face to successfully login into the Agent Application.

Step 7: User’s face will be retrained using the steps mentioned in How to retain user face? – wAnywhere – Work from Anywhere

How to retain user face

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