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Ideation Zone – Effective way to brainstorm & bring ideas into action

Posted On June 12, 2023

Bringing teams together to engage and brainstorm helps organizations build on creative ideas generated. Helping teams practice ideation in a productive environment, as wAnywhere provides, enables them to build on collective thought-process and produce better, refined solutions to meet the purpose. 

Why ideation matters to achieve goals faster 

Ideation is a creative way to help teams brainstorm new ideas and find viable solutions to achieve objectives. It helps foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation in teams to accomplish more together. 

How to help teams prepare for ideation

Help them be their creative best to better engage and ideate in following ways:

– Select a topic

Ask them to pick ideation topic mindfully to proceed.

– Align ideation with object

Choose an object for ideation to help teams stay aligned with the purpose.

– Draw points

Ask them to draw points to ideate on and stay on topic.  

Let’s further continue with the process to assess and bring ideas into reality: 

What evaluation process helps to realize ideas

Assess and compare ideas based on feasibility to eliminate the ones not aligning with the purpose in following ways:  

– Define assessment to measure ideas      

Set assessment criteria for ideas based on impact and alignment with the goals.

– Rate ideas to measure suitability  

Assign ratings to ideas to compare and evaluate them against the goals.

– Get feedback to know perspectives

Encourage teams for feedback to know different perspectives on ideas and improve them.  

– Refine ideas to focus on strength

Combine similar ideas and refine the redundant ones to concentrate on the strength of ideas.

– Form a decision

Decide on ideas based on assessment and feedback from teams to pursue further. 

How to turn ideas into actions

Document and summarize outcomes of the ideation session and share with teams for following next steps: 

– Prepare action plan 

Break ideas into smaller tasks and prepare a detailed plan to assign responsibilities with deadlines.

– Set task priorities 

Define task priorities based on effectiveness to avoid getting overwhelmed.

– Assess milestones  

Motivate teams on completion of milestones to encourage further development.

– Track progress 

Do regular check-ins with teams to know progress, detect roadblocks, and adjust the plan.

– Improvise & adapt

Improvise action plan to overcome obstacles and adapt accordingly.

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Benefits of effective brainstorming

Engage teams to ideate and create object-based solutions in following ways:                   

– Maximize collaboration to create & share ideas

  Get teams engaged to create, share, and organize ideas.   

– Ensure well-organized & efficient ideas

  Refine and combine ideas to create more effective solutions. 

– Evaluate and select best ideas

 Assess and compare ideas based on feasibility and impact. 

– Build on creative ideas

  Build on effectiveness of creative ideas to accomplish goals faster. 

Ideation sessions can be productive if you choose the right platform, as wAnywhere employee monitoring software provides, and set clear goals. With above mentioned ideation best practices, you can drive better engagement and innovation in your teams to achieve greater goals faster.     

With ideation, you can innovate new ideas and find better-fit solutions based on modern-day needs.

Brainstorming in ideation refers to putting the thought process into generating new ideas to better fulfill the purpose. 

Get together with the team in a productive environment to invite purpose-driven ideas from all the participating members and aim to find the best possible solution.        

A peaceful and productive environment can better help teams to focus on the solution. While in the absence of it, they can get distracted and will not be able to find the expected solutions.