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5 ways to improve productivity & accomplish more in remote work

Posted On June 6, 2023

Productivity is tricky to practice and measure. Organizations keep looking for ways to boost employee performance. Post-pandemic work norms have made it trickier for businesses to know how efficiently teams work in remote environment.

Why measuring & improving productivity matter in remote work

It’s critical for organizations to stay aware of team performance in remote environment. Measuring productivity helps learn what tasks teams are doing and at what time. Also, you can know how teams are contributing toward business goals.   

What are the advantages of assessing & maintaining productivity

Assessing team productivity enables you to identify what team is performing and what needs a boost. Based on the productivity status, you can encourage teams to accomplish more. Achievement recognition, leaderboard motivation, and wellness are a few of the effective ways to uplift team morale to do great.

Let’s learn 5 effective ways organizations can follow to manage remote team productivity for improved performance:

1. Encourage focus in remote work

Detect exceeding idle/break time to keep remote teams focused at work. Also, estimate the impact on total work hours and overall performance. Remind teams of goals to achieve and current progress to dedicate more efforts.

2. Negate distractions to boost efficiency

Identify what apps and websites remote teams visit to know how they spend time in distributed work. Label apps/websites as productive or unproductive based on their contribution to task competition.

3. Define metrics to maximize work hours 

Define break/idle/aux time to encourage maximum work hour utilization and minimize productivity loss. Keep remote teams aligned on common goals and perform efficiently to achieve them.                   

4. Measure performance against productivity metrics

Assess remote team efficiency based on login/logout time, attendance, and total work hours performed. Estimate overall efficiency achieved to learn how productively remote teams work in distributed environment.

5. Maintain security to eliminate risks/impacts  

Safeguard remote work to negate any risk factors that could disrupt work and productivity. Also, it could lead to unrecoverable data and reputation loss. Learn how AI-enabled future work solution helps maintain security and productivity in remote work.

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Discard distractions and keep remote teams centered around work. Learn the importance of remote employee productivity monitoring software in encouraging distributed teams to accomplish more.                     

When organizations get able to track how remote teams work and what time they spend where; they can better control the productive hours of remote teams. Here, wAnywhere can provide organizations with actionable insights into how they work and with what productivity to measure and improve performance.  

wAnywhere enables remote organizations to measure and maintain the productivity of distributed teams. You can utilize the employee monitoring software to define controls against their activities to monitor performance, boost it, and help them to achieve more.

wAnywhere enables organizations to measure when remote teams log in, what apps & websites they access, and what hours they work to estimate overall productivity achieved in distributed environment. ­

You can measure the productivity of remote teams to estimate what teams better perform and what teams need support to enhance performance. Take help from wAnywhere employee monitoring software to know how teams work and check in when teams need help to improve productivity. 

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