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wAnywhere Apps – Manage productivity and security in remote work

Posted On June 21, 2023

Remote work poses different challenges to organizations from managing team productivity to securing data, and from estimating work hours to measuring efficiency.

Why managing teams in remote work matters

Controlling remote team actions is important as it helps align efforts in the right direction. You can track what teams are available at work, and what tasks they are doing at what time. It helps manage and maintain productivity in remote work.

wAnywhere, a reliable remote employee monitoring software helps distributed organizations with useful apps to manage, track, and secure team actions in remote work.

Project Management 

Track what tasks or projects teams are doing and at what time. You can track the skills aligned to the project and the progress made. It helps estimate how efficiently teams perform and whether the project is on track to meet the completion deadline or needs additional resources.         

Timesheet Management

Monitor what time remote teams spend on tasks to estimate overall work hours and calculate hourly billing. The app helps eliminate guessing with accurate work hour estimation and billing to avoid conflict.           

Leave Management 

Manage leaves requested by remote teams and respond with approval or rejection using a single platform. Get a detailed overview of leave status about leave requested/approved/rejected across organizations and estimate what skills will be/are unavailable to find alternatives to not impact the ongoing/upcoming projects.              


Ensure secure storage of critical documents and enable authorized access for remote teams to control security of official files/docs in distributed environment. Gain visibility into who accessed what file/doc and shared with whom. Vault can be deployed on-premise or in private cloud.             


Allow remote teams to create notes/MoM as a reminder of important points to keep them in reference while proceeding with work. It helps not to miss any crucial points to be incorporated into the projects for improved results.

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Keep remote teams performing efficient work by allowing them the needed resources for critical tasks. Know how wAnywhere Apps help manage productivity for remote teams and maintain data security.        

Organizations can utilize productivity-enhancing apps from wAnywhere to manage work/billing hours, brainstorming sessions, and meeting MoM/notes for their remote/hybrid teams.   

The vault app from wAnywhere enables organizations to control data storage and access from remote/hybrid teams to negate breach risks.

While the Asset app from wAnywhere helps organizations track and monitor allocated assets to remote teams to ensure security.

The Project Management app from wAnywhere enables organizations to track what tasks are in process, what teams are aligned, what progress has been made, and what hours teams take to complete projects.

While the Timesheet Management app from wAnywhere helps organizations measure what hours remote teams work to accurately calculate their billing hours.   

Organizations can utilize the Timesheet Management app from wAnywhere to track and measure work hours of remote/hybrid teams to estimate what efficiency they achieve. 

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