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wAnywhere Mobile App – Track employee location to know where & what they work

Posted On July 4, 2023

Organizations struggle to track activities of field employees who often stay in transit. Detecting where field employees are, what they are working, and how they spend day at job location has been a challenge. No more now! As wAnywhere mobile app helps organizations monitor in real-time where field employees are and what they’re doing.

How wAnywhere mobile app location tracking works 

After remote teams install wAnywhere mobile app and allow location access, next they need to sign up either with credentials or with face registration, then turn on location in mobile device to enable the app to track location. 

Configure location capture

Managers and admins can define duration in wAnywhere console to track when field employees reach the job location, when they start work, when they are active/idle, when they leave, and what hours they work.

Location Capture Configuration
Figure 1: Location capture configuration in wAnywhere console

Features of mobile app location tracking

Let’s learn how mobile app from wAnywhere remote employee monitoring software helps organizations track where field employees are and what they are working:

– Real time location monitoring 

Track current location of field employees to know where they are, when they reach the work location, and how long they work.  

– Detect clock in and clock out time 

Monitor when field employees reach the job site and when they leave.    

– Measure active/idle/total work hours 

Identify when they are working, when they are idle, and total work hours.

– Location based reminders 

Geofence based reminders on when employees reach the work location and when they leave.

– Proof of Work  

Know where field employees are, what they are doing, and how they spend day at work. 

Benefits of wAnywhere mobile app location tracking 

Organizations can keep a tab on every activity of field employees using wAnywhere mobile app in the following ways:  

– Negate time wastage  

Track all field employees to detect what they are doing and negate time wastage 

– Track employee routes and the time in transit

Know what routes field employees follow and what time they take to reach the work location.   

– Geofencing to automate location tracking

Geofence the job sites to automatically start location tracking when field employees enter the job site and stop tracking when they leave.   

– Know current location and work status

Monitor where field employees are and what they’re doing.

Current Location Of Field Employee
Figure 2: wAnywhere console showing captured current location of field employee

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– Get timesheets based on Idle/break/active/total work hours 

Analyze productivity of field employees based on idle/break/active/total work hours and calculate billing hours.       

 Detailed dashboard analytics 

Know what field employees are working where and for how long. 

Keep an accurate track of where your field employees are, when they reach the job location, how they spend day, and when they leave the site to measure overall productivity achieved. Know how wAnywhere mobile app helps track field employee locations to learn who is working where, on what, and for how long to estimate how efficiently they perform.

wAnywhere mobile app enables concerned organizations to monitor teams remotely with location tracking and measure where remote teams are, what task they are up to, what time they work, and when they leave the work location to estimate what performance they achieved.   

Utilizing wAnywhere mobile app, managers can set location tracking against teams working at different remote locations and monitor in real-time where remote teams are, what tasks remote teams are doing, and what work hours they perform.

Managers need to install wAnywhere mobile app on remote teams’ mobile phones → allow location access → sign up → turn on device location to set real-time tracking against work locations visited, hours performed, and location exit to estimate total hours worked and productivity achieved.

wAnywhere live tracking mobile app provides detailed analytics and real-time reports against remote teams’ activities for what hours they work, what active/idle/break time they spend, and when they leave the work location. 

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