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AI in the workplace – Boost compliance governance in data sensitive environments

Posted On March 5, 2024

The importance of AI is expanding across businesses and use cases. The emerging role of artificial intelligence is benefiting today’s digital-first businesses in ensuring compliance for data-sensitive roles handling information-critical operations. How AI in the workplace is enabling concerned organizations to strengthen security posture, let’s explore.

The evolved workplaces after the COVID setback are more digital-ready and working under stricter regulatory obligations, especially those with data-sensitive business processes. The greater liability to follow compliance now is putting them into an unprecedented need to align teams with business goals and security standards. The advanced predictive capabilities of AI are assisting businesses in industries where it is needed the most to regulate operations and ensure privacy. 

AI in the workplace

Why AI for data-sensitive processes

In information-intensive work environments, even the slightest gap can lead to heavy security and compliance repercussions, ranging from unrecoverable data loss, unwanted regulatory fines, and – on top of all – a blow to the business trust.

With AI in the workplace, data-centric industries can define security rules, monitor regulations, and ensure compliance to anticipate risks and respond swiftly with necessary security measures, including ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and GDPR compliance.

Let’s further discuss the worth of AI in the workplace for industries most vulnerable to threats:

BPO and Contact center

Highly susceptible data-centered business processes in BPOs and Contact Centers demand full-proof compliance regulations for data confidentiality. The AI-led face recognition and real-time screen recording can help the sector get immediate risk alerts if their working-anywhere employees leave the system unattended, use mobile devices at work, or any unknown person is found at the desk to ensure Clean Desk Policy and standard business regulations. The practice enables the industry to strengthen security metrics and data privacy.

Banking and Finance

The compliance-bound industry faces the biggest threat from its insiders as around 49% of data breaches in the finance industry are caused by insider risks. The damage, if not controlled, could lead to regulatory fines and reputation loss. The behavioral analytics from AI-powered security can enable the industry to identify and counter malicious actions leading to data and security standard breaches.                            

Healthcare Industry 

HIPAA compliance-regulated healthcare industry needs to ensure the secure processing of customer data and avoid unauthorized exposure to maintain data integrity and customer trust. AI-powered security can assist healthcare businesses in identifying suspicious actions including CTRL C + CTRL V keystrokes and ensuring data masking for sensitive information including personal and payment details to amplify workplace security.

AI in the workplace

How AI can help boost workplace security posture

With advanced algorithms and data analytics, AI in the workplace enables you to widen your security cover and counter the most pressing office, remote, and hybrid work environment challenges. 

Let’s discover how AI-enabled security helps you achieve workplace compliance.

Define security checks at critical work processes 

Leverage AI capabilities to automate monitoring for critical business processes and get timely alerts against non-compliance activities to prevent threats from happening.

Avoid unruly behavior and curb data privacy risks

Utilize artificial intelligence to curb employee behavior indicative of security risks and align working anywhere teams in data-sensitive roles with Clean Desk policy and business regulations.

Build a compliant team for secure business operations

Create and implement business rules with AI-powered monitoring to align teams and strengthen compliance governance in the workplace.

AI in the workplace

Role of wAnywhere AI security in workplace compliance

AI-enabled wAnywhere solutions innovated by ShepHertz for workplace security and compliance help identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks effectively. The work-anywhere platform enables you to achieve the following compliance capabilities for your hybrid and remote teams assigned to data-critical business processes:

Behavior analytics to predict and block potential risks

Identify malicious insiders to get ahead of threats and prevent potential harm to data privacy and business operations.

AI-powered automated detection for immediate response

Get real-time automated violation detections to respond to threats as they happen and control damage to workplace security.

Ensure compliance governance and align teams

Define and measure business rules to help your teams align with goals and avoid non-compliance instances.

Anticipating and acting ahead of the risk factors is the key to maintaining workplace compliance for data-critical business operations. Gain advanced risk prediction and mitigation capabilities with AI-powered security and compliance from the wAnywhere monitoring tool. Start a free trial to see it in action today.

Automated regulatory compliance refers to effortlessly measuring defined business rules. The advanced AI capabilities of the wAnywhere monitoring tool enable real-time violation detection and alerts to ensure workplace compliance.

Compliance governance aims for seamless observation of standard security rules in data-driven work environments. Here, AI-enabled wAnywhere security ensures workplace compliance with defined business regulations and enables secure operations.

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