Ensure safe BPO operations with compliant remote agents

Keep track of how your BPO teams behave in remote work and predict any risky actions to avoid violations

Enable Clean Desk Policy

Maintain a secure BPO environment by enabling Clean Desk Policy to control breaches and ensure compliance

Monitor Agents’ Actions

Track if your agents’ actions are in line with business policy & standard regulations to negate violations and data privacy risks

Secure BPO Operations

Detect any risky behavior of your remote BPO teams to identify & curb violations for safe BPO operations

Compliance and Security

Control Agent Actions and Data Privacy with
AI-Powered Monitoring

Get enterprise-level security and compliance with AI-enabled detections to control your agents’ actions and safeguard valuable BPO data.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Authorize BPO agents with face recognition to validate access to business resources and negate data breach instances
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Detect Unknown or Multiple Persons around the work desk to ensure clean desk compliance and avoid unauthorized data violations
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Mobile Detection at Work to protect against screen capture or recording and keep your agents compliant with data/business policy
Security and Compliance for BPO Teams
Security and Compliance for BPO Teams
Enhance Operational Efficiency and Data Privacy

Create Location-Agnostic Secure BPO Environment for
Operational Efficiency & Data Privacy

Manage your remotely distributed Contact Center teams by tracking each of their actions to keep them aligned with the clean desk policy and maintain data privacy.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Capture your BPO teams’ screens at defined intervals with Screen Recording to know what they’re doing currently, also enable PHI/PII Masking to ensure the privacy of confidential data
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Track App and Web usage of your BPO teams to measure their productive and unproductive time , also control the risky applications and websites to secure teams’ app & web usage
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Monitor where BPO teams work with Location Tracking and Geofence the location to control their movement and safeguard against device/data theft

See How wAnywhere Ensures Compliance for Your
Remotely Working BPO Teams

Enhance Productivity

Gain a Clear Insight into Your BPO Agents’ Workflows
to Enhance Productivity

Get actionable analytics of your BPO agents’ workflows to measure and manage their productivity for enhanced performance.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Intuitive Dashboard Analytics to give you real-time insights into your agents’ workloads, activities, active work hours, and productivity
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Effectively Manage Your Remote or Hybrid BPO Teams with Live Monitoring, Break, Aux, & idle Time Management, and Control Compliance
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Achieve Greater Workflow Efficiency with a detailed analysis of your agents’ utilization, time spent on calls, and productive work hours
Security and Compliance for BPO Teams
Security and Compliance for BPO Teams
Time Tracking

Manage Your Agents’ Time for More Active Hours
and Improved Efficiency

Maximize your agent’s active hours with precise time monitoring and enhance process efficiency for workflow optimization.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Accurate Break and Idle Time Tracking to measure how it impacts their work hours and alert them against exceeding the defined break or idle duration
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Monitor Agents’ Aux Time to know the reason for their not-active time and notify them against exceeding Aux duration to avoid impact on the call flow
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Increase Operational Efficiency by capturing agents' daily active work time with automated and activity-based time monitoring & reporting
Get Set Up in No Time

Flexible Deployment Options for Your BPO

Gain the flexibility to host your data on a Private Cloud or On-Premise and also benefit
from the Remote Deployment option to get started in no time

On-Premise or Cloud Installation

Select from On-Premise installation on your network to Private Cloud installation, wAnywhere is tailored to fit your BPO needs

Remote Deployment

Deploy quickly and easily on a number of devices anywhere in one go with effortless wAnywhere Remote Deployment

Employee Monitoring Software for BPOs & Contact Centers

wAnywhere Helps You Manage Your Remote BPO Teams and Secure Contact Center Operations

Clients expect results when they decide to outsource to BPOs. Contact centers like yours are focal points for success to such outsourcing clients. And, with wAnywhere BPO & Contact Center employee monitoring software, you can drive results and success every time.

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    wAnywhere empowers you to effectively manage your agents irrespective of their diverse location-based remote work.
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    The employee monitoring software helps you optimize your processes, workflows, and data compliance to establish lasting client relationships.
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    wAnywhere understands the diverse needs of different BPO centers, and the AI-powered monitoring software is fully customizable to your BPO business needs.

Ready to manage your BPO teams effectively? Get a free trial to see wAnywhere in action today.

Security and Compliance for BPO Teams

Easy Installation for Location-Based
and Remote Working BPO Teams

Work in a more productive way with actionable insights into your
BPO teams’ workflows and create efficient processes

Security and Compliance for BPO Teams

For Location Based BPO Teams

Do your BPO teams work across location-based centers and on company devices? wAnywhere enables you to capture their time and actions to measure overall productivity achieved.

For Remote Working BPO Teams

Do your BPO teams work remotely and on personal devices? wAnywhere empowers you to track their time and activities to measure overall efficiency achieved.

Security and Compliance for BPO Teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

wAnywhere enables you to manage your BPO teams working across location-based centers by tracking their activities and analyzing performance to enhance overall efficiency.

You gain the capability to track the time and actions of your remote working BPO teams with wAnywhere employee monitoring software to measure their performance.

Employee monitoring software provides actionable insights into your BPO teams’ performance and helps you decide whether it aligns with achieving operational efficiency. Based on the analytics, you can decide on the improvements to boost business ROI.

By tracking your agents, you get critical insights into their time spent on calls, workflows, productivity, and compliance overview to measure overall efficiency and impact on operations. Also, by deciding the improvements, you can help boost your BPO teams’ performance and optimize business operations.

Try wAnywhere for Compliant Teams and Secure BPO Operations

Gain actionable insights into your BPO teams’ activities and control their actions
to ensure clean desk compliance and data privacy

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