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Productivity Enhancing Apps

The wAnywhere Apps package provides multiple built-in apps, which enable your organization to work more efficiently and enhanceproductivity. They help in automating day to day activities through intuitive tools which are tightly integrated with the wAnywhere platform. We will soon be adding integration with popular external apps.


Intuitive Note application to create basic notes as well as templates for Minutes of Meeting, Stand-up meetings etc.

Reminder & Calendar

Create Reminders and alarms. See all your events on the Calendar

Advanced Task Management

Comprehensive Task management which enables task creation, sub tasks, add comments, add attachments to a task, monitor status and get visualisations of task allocated along with utilisation of each employee

Timesheet Management

No need to maintain excel sheets to fill in time sheets. Employees can fill in their daily timesheets through simple forms, which managers can review. It also provides facility to manage revenue based on time and effort.

Vault - Document Storage

Collaborative & secured document storage enables document sharing within the organisation and controls view access for documents.

Daily Reflector - Stand Up meetings

Daily Reflector app enables managers and team leaders to get status of daily Stand-up meetings in a consistent and structured manner

Asset Management

Whether working from home or a remote location or within the office,maintaining allocation of assets e.g., laptops, pen drives, cameras, external storage, mouse etc. in one place is always a challenge. The Asset Management app provides a simple but effective tool to manage allocation of assets.