Automate Day-to-Day Activities with Intuitive Apps and Tools

Help your teams automate their day-to-day activities with intuitive apps and tools
integrated into wAnywhere platform

Multiple Productivity Apps

Empower your teams with multiple productivity-enhancing apps and help them be their efficient best

Automate Daily Activities

Automate daily activities utilizing apps and tools integrated with wAnywhere platform to enhance work efficiency


Integrate wAnywhere apps and tools with popular external apps to get needed resources for improved productivity

Boost Efficiency of Your Teams with Multiple Productivity Focused Apps

Help your teams get the apps and tools they need to enhance productivity
and work efficiency for improved performance.

Manage Leaves, Projects, and Timesheets

Track Leaves, Project Progress, and Work Time of Your Teams with wAnywhere Apps

Manage leaves, project progress, and work hours of your employees with useful and effective wAnywhere Apps

  • Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
    Leave Management to track Number of Employees, Total Leaves, Pending Requests, Approve and Reject Leaves, and get Leave Summary in a single tool
  • Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
    Project Management to create and track To-Do, In-Progress, Complete, and Delayed Tasks, also define the Task Priority and identify the resources utilized
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Timesheet App to get exact Work Hours and Calculate Accurate Billing for Your freelancers or contract employees to avoid guess-based pay
Manage Leaves
Daily Reflector
Daily Reflector, Note, and Reminder Apps

Keep track of work progress with Daily Reflector App, meeting points with Note App, and get alerts with Reminder App

Track work progress of your teams, help teams note and recall important meeting points, and remind events with effective wAnywhere Apps

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Daily Reflector App for Standup Meetings to track work progress based on what is going well, what can be improved, and the actions moving forward
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Note App to quickly and easily create Draft or important Meeting Notes with Pre-Defined Templates to not avoid critical meeting points
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Reminder App to Set Alarm against important Events to Recall them and avoid the risk of escaping the events

Know how wAnywhere productivity-enhancing apps boost
work efficiency for your teams

Ideation Zone and WaterCooler Apps

Brainstorm new ideas together with Ideation App and allow remote teams to causally Interact with WaterCooler App

Need to get together with teams in a productive environment to explore ideas or want to casually conversate with teams, wAnywhere apps have got you covered.

  • Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
    Ideation tool to get together with teams in a productive environment to brainstorm and innovate new ideas to move forward
  • Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
    WaterCooler App to invite your remote teams in an unmonitored office watercooler-like collaborative environment virtually to get together for casual conversation
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    WaterCooler App allows to cross-connect with different teams and get introduced to new team members to promote a collaborative work environment
Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
Vault, Asset Management, and Shift Management Apps

Provide secure storage for critical docs to your teams, manage business assets, and employee shifts with wAnywhere Apps

Allow teams safe business document storage, keep track of business allocated assets, and manage shifts for your teams with intuitive wAnywhere Apps

  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Vault App to provide teams a secure storage to keep important docs and control access to only authorized teams for data privacy
  • Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools
    Asset Management App to allocate, track, and monitor business assets to protect against asset theft/unrecoverable data loss
  • remote desktop monitoring software
    Shift Management for Employee scheduling to know what teams work in what shifts and track their work time, also get Shift Details to get an overview of different shifts of your teams
Get wAnywhere Apps Set Up in No Time

Flexible Deployment Options for Your Teams’ Productivity Needs

Gain the flexibility to deploy wAnywhere Apps on a Private Cloud or On-Premise and also
benefit from the Remote Deployment option to help boost your teams’ productivity in no time

On-Premise or Cloud Installation

Select from On-Premise installation on your network to Private Cloud installation, wAnywhere Apps are tailored to meet your needs

Remote Deployment

Deploy quickly and easily on a number of devices anywhere in one go with effortless Remote Deployment for wAnywhere Apps

Easy App Installation for Remote and Hybrid Working Teams

Install wAnywhere productivity-focused Apps with ease for your Remote and Hybrid working teams

Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools

For Hybrid Working Teams

Do your teams work in hybrid environment? wAnywhere apps help manage their shifts, work hours and billing with Timesheets, track work progress and resource allocation with Project Management, and more.

For Remote Working Teams

Do your teams work across remote locations? wAnywhere apps provide them secure storage, productive environment to explore ideas, flexible office watercooler-like virtual space to casually connect, and more.

Productivity Enhancing Apps and Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get multiple productivity-focused apps with wAnywhere app and tools to help your teams perform efficiently, including Ideation Zone to provide them a productive environment to brainstorm new ideas together, WaterCooler to let them have a flexible virtual environment for casual conversation, Timesheet to manage employee work hours, and more.

When teams get the needed resources, they get help in improving their work efficiency- like, tracking their work progress enables them to measure how productive they perform and what more efforts they need to align with project timeline – what hours they work and how efficiently they perform – and more.

You can consider wAnywhere productivity-focused apps to help your teams perform more productive and efficient work. Try today. 

Your teams need support in their daily activities, like they need a productive environment to get together with teams to explore new ideas to move forward, need a flexible virtual environment to connect with remote teams to conversate, need pre-defined templates to create critical meeting points, timely alerts for important events, and more.

You can get these all with wAnywhere productivity-enhancing apps for your teams to help boost their performance. Start a free trial today.

Provide the needed resources to your teams that they need and help them with their day-to-day tasks. With wAnywhere apps, you get multiple productivity apps and tools to support them in their daily activities, like brainstorming, time tracking, project progress, secure document storage, connecting with remote teams, creating meeting notes, and more. Get a demo today.

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