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How workforce analytics helps with contact center efficiency

Posted On December 5, 2023

With the evolving workplaces, more contact center teams are now working remotely which presents a challenge for remote organizations to measure employee behavior at work and ensure compliance with business policy and data privacy. Evaluating employee actions not only helps you predict workplace risks but also negates the impact on business reputation and client trust. Here the importance of workforce analytics is vital in assessing how your contact center teams work and how compliant their actions are to help you control security in remote work and ensure efficient business operations.

Let’s understand what workforce analytics is and why it is important for contact center efficiency:

What is workforce analytics

Workforce analytics helps you summarize workforce activities and breaks down team activities into when they do what tasks and how it drives or disrupts employee productivity at work. It enables you to find out how focused or distracted employees work and how their actions can cause risks to defined business policy and confidential client information.         

What is the role of workforce analytics in contact centers

Workforce analytics, Contact center efficiency

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By knowing how your contact center teams behave at the workplace, you can identify workplace distractions to control them and boost employees’ focused hours to achieve compliance and work efficiency. Defining a clean desk policy for your teams and measuring their actions against it is one of the workplace analytics examples. Here the need for employee monitoring software is in focus to capture and visualize workforce analytics on an intuitive and data-driven dashboard.

What is the importance of workforce analysis

When you get employee activity-based data, you can better assess their performance metrics for what applications and websites they visit, how focused they work, how committed they are toward business policy, and what are their compliance level. It enables you to examine employee actions, anticipate violations, and decide on corrective measures to save your business from data breaches and client distrust.                                                       

What are the benefits of wAnywhere workforce analytics software

With security and compliance features from wAnywhere monitoring tool, you can capture types of workforce analytics from work-bound or unproductive app and web usage to non-aligned employee behavior, and frequent or exceeding break, idle, or aux time at work. Let’s get into the detail:

Measure online employee activities

Find out what productive or risky online resources your contact center teams access in remote and hybrid work. You can identify what non-work-bound apps and websites they visit and for what time. Measure how it causes increased non-focused employee time that may result in delayed project timelines or increased workplace violations. Based on the impact, decide on corrective actions to limit unproductive app & web usage, and encourage more productive employee work hours.                             

Assess employee behavior at workplace

Examine activities of your contact center workforce to learn when they do what tasks and if their behaviors are aligned with workplace compliance including clean desk policy and data privacy. Get help from AI-powered automated violation detections from a future-work-ready employee monitoring software to receive timely alerts against risky employee activities. Control violations at work for safe business operations and improve employee efficiency in remote and hybrid work.           

Evaluate employee actions at work

Assess if there is an unauthorized employee at work, or if the employee has left the machine unattended. Detect if the employee is surrounded by multiple unknown persons or uses a mobile device at work to eliminate instances of violations or data breaches at the workplace. With employee behavior insights from workforce analytics, you can better align contact center employees with business operation security.                                  

Identify workplace distractions

Understand what employees spend more time as breaks or idle than active and analyze how it hampers their productive hours. Identify such employees and alert them against their exceeding non-productive hours to encourage optimized job time utilization. Control your teams’ work hours with employee time tracking software to limit their frequent or exceeding aux and unproductive time. Maintain productive workflow and avoid unnecessary delays in call responses.  

How to Identify and Improve Employee Inefficiency at Work

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Examine risks to business and data policy

Detect unruly employee behavior at the workplace and identify risk factors. Find out what department has the most employee violations to evaluate the reasons and measure impact. Capture screenshots at defined intervals to know what employees follow data privacy and mask confidential information. Ensure employee behavior is compliant with the clean desk and business policy.

Get the most out of your distributed contact center teams

Distributed work equally offers advantages and challenges, and you need to balance them to get the most out of remote work environments. The same is true for your distributed working contact center teams. Align their efforts in the right direction for more secure and productive results. Start a free trial today to see how wAnywhere employee monitoring software can help you measure how your distributed contact center workforce performs. Know what their actions cause workplace compliance risks to maintain secure and efficient business operations.     

Workforce management helps contact center businesses to align their workforce with business goals. Contact centers can identify what are the distractions at the workplace to control employee behavior and optimize employee work hours.

Contact center businesses can leverage workforce analytics in evaluating:

  • what employees visit non-productive applications and websites
  • what employees use frequent or exceeding break, aux, and idle time
  • what employees reflect risky behavior and violate business policy
  • what employee actions cause threats to compliance and data privacy

Based on the employee behavior data, they can decide on corrective measures to control security at work.

Workforce analytics defines how employees act at work and how their behavior can be regulated to maintain compliance and data privacy.

Contact centers operating with remote and hybrid employees can utilize workforce analytics from a capable employee monitoring software to capture important data based on employee activities.

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