Reimagining Remote Work
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Reimagining Remote Work – How Time Management Helps Boost Efficiency for Your Distributed Teams

Posted On June 14, 2024

Time is the most critical element and when it comes to achieving goals, the value of time gets multi-folded. Now when workplaces are evolving with growing remote teams and businesses are striving to enhance employee efficiency in distributed work, managing workforce hours is important to maximize productivity in remote work.

With transforming workplaces, the challenge is growing for organizations to keep track of how teams perform in distributed work and what time they spend on what tasks. The lack of workforce analytics in remote workplace can cause workplace inefficiencies while managing it efficiently can do wonders, especially for your remote teams who need to stay focused in a flexible and unmonitored workplace to perform efficiently.

Reimagining Remote Work

An unmonitored and flexible remote environment can cause distractions to employee focus, hampering their engagement and performance at work. Here, time management is in focus, and the absence of it can cause workplace inefficiencies in the form of unoptimized employee hours, ineffective employee utilization, exceeding task completion time, and delayed project timelines. The lack of employee productivity analytics in distributed work can further result in employees logging late into work, exceeding idle and break time, not fully utilizing work hours, and executing low productivity at work.

Let’s understand how unproductive time management can disrupt employee workflows and distract them from achieving business goals:

What inefficiencies the lack of time management can cause in the workplace

Teams not aligned with their work schedules lack performance and struggle to meet defined objectives. The following are reasons why inefficient time management or no employee time tracking software in place leads to a non-performing workforce in distributed work.

Lower workforce productivity

With no remote employee monitoring software for time management in place, you can face the challenge of knowing what employee time goes into what activities (like, what time they spend being active/idle, or what of their time goes in what apps/websites) and how it impacts their performance (like, what productive and non-productive time they spend).

Disruption to work-life balance

Lack of awareness about how engaged employees are at work can lead to imbalanced workforce utilization where a part of your team may be overworking, while the rest of your team may have availability to share extra work.

Growing employee dissatisfaction

Wondering what time employees spend on what tasks can result in unfair employee utilization – with some teams over-engaged while others have the bandwidth – and cause dissatisfaction in them.

Remote Work

Knowing is power – get empowered by learning productivity analytics about where employee time goes and what effect it brings on workforce efficiency.

How time tracking can help improve workforce performance

Practice effective time management utilizing work from home monitoring tool to stay in sync with how teams spend time at work, what are their productive and non-productive hours, and when they perform their most productive work.

Find the most productive work hours

Keep track of employee time and identify when they perform most efficiently in their workday to utilize that time and allocate them the strategic work for effective execution.

Encourage more focused time at work

Detect distractions at work including non-work-bound app or website usage, and exceeding non-active (idle/break) time at work to encourage your teams and optimize their work hours.

Boost efficiency for your teams 

Know employee work patterns and measure what activities they do. Control their actions leading to workplace inefficiencies, including growing non-productive online activities, disengagement at work, and distractions to promote more focused hours and better performance.

Boost Efficiency

Leverage advanced time management capabilities of wAnywhere – an AI-based desktop monitoring software, trusted by leading organizations worldwide who experienced >95% boost in their workforce efficiency utilizing the productivity monitoring software.

Why do you need wAnywhere to optimize employee hours

Gain the ability to keep in the know of how employees spend their time at work in real-time and control how efficiently they perform at work to encourage more productive hours.

Identify what consumes most of the workforce hours

Define and measure what productive and non-productive applications and websites they visit at work, control what excessive idle and break time they spend, and learn what are their total work hours to determine what teams are performing efficiently and what teams need improvement to accelerate performance.

Optimize workforce utilization

Know what teams spend what time on what tasks to identify what teams are overworking and what teams have the capacity to assign them additional work. It helps balance the work for all and encourages more time to focus on tasks and execute quality results.

Minimize waste of time and regain lost employee hours

Identify what work patterns the workforce follows and detect what activities consume most of their time. Find out the opportunities for employee training if they take more than expected time to perform tasks. Regain lost employee hours in non-productive activities and motivate them to optimize work hours for more productive work. 

Maximize employee productivity at work

Knowing how efficiently your teams perform in distributed work and when they do their most productive work is the key to controlling employee efficiency and encouraging them to do their best work. Unlock effective time management capabilities of wAnywhere – get started with a 14-day free trial to see the leading productivity monitoring tool in action today and discover how it can help make your teams more efficient to perform at their productive best.