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How Productivity Analytics can Boost Employee Performance at Workplace

Posted On October 26, 2023

Employee performance is a growing concern for organizations with advancing future work and teams working in-office, remote, and hybrid environments. How efficiently teams work, what time they spend on what tasks, how engaged they are at work, what are their utilization ratios, and what are their productive and non-productive times; these factors drive or disrupt employee performance at the workplace.

Let’s understand the impact of employee monitoring software on teams’ performance and how it can help measure how teams work and find out what factors accelerate or slacken their performance at the workplace:       

Why employee monitoring software matters for employee performance

Employee Productivity Analytics

Employee monitoring software helps you measure your teams on key performance metrics including how teams utilize time, what non-productive activities cause low employee performance, what employees are over or underutilized, and how their exceeding break and idle time impact employee productivity at work.

Let’s get into details:

How engaged employees are at work

Measure what tasks teams are assigned and what time they take to complete, find if they perform efficiently or not aligned with the timeline, identify employee workload to avoid employee disengagement, and distribute the work to boost employee engagement and efficiency at work.          

What are employee inefficiencies at work

Teams taking frequent breaks and exceeding the defined break duration impact the efficiency at work. Detect what teams take excessive breaks and often stretch the break duration; also recognize what teams stay idle at work for a prolonged time to alert them and avoid inefficiency at work. Help your team optimize work hours for more productive work.       

What productive and non-productive time they spend

Know what employee activities drive more productive work and what causes them non-productivity. With the app and web usage of your teams, you can learn what applications and websites they access and categorize them to find out what helps them in work and what contributes to non-productivity. Also, control their non-productive app and web usage to help them optimize work hours.

What support your teams need

Measure team performance to identify what teams better contribute and what teams lag behind. Identify the reasons for non-performance and find out if there are any gaps in employee skill, productivity, or efficiency. Provide them with the needed support to level up and meet the expected performance.

What drives or disrupts productivity at work

Know how your teams work and what their activities accelerate or halt productivity at work. Learn when they log into work – what tasks they do and at what time – when they are idle and for what time – when they take breaks, how frequently, and for what duration – or, if they exceed the break time to understand what are their work activities and if their actions help them perform, or cause non-performance.    

How wAnywhere can help with employee productivity analytics

wAnywhere helps organizations – concerned with employee productivity in remote environments – by visualizing employee activity-based details on an intuitive dashboard about how engaged teams are at work, what factors lead to employee time wastage at the workplace, how they utilize work hours, and how their activities impact efficiency.

Let’s elaborate:                 

Employee utilization

Employee utilization impacts employee engagement at work. With wAnywhere, you can measure the utilization ratio of teams to find out what teams are over or under-utilized to identify what employees have the bandwidth to balance the workload.

Distributed work helps increase focus time and better engagement for your teams to boost efficiency and align team efforts with the project timeline to avoid delay and cost overhead.

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Time wastage

Every employee minute that ends in non-productive work adds to the company’s cost per hour in the form of project delay, hourly employee billing, and inefficiency at work.

Utilize the wAnywhere monitoring tool to detect when your teams log into work, what task they do and at what time, and what are their active, idle, and break times; you can find out what efficient and inefficient hours they spend and what factors result in employee time leakage at the workplace. Alert concerned employees against inefficient activities including exceeding and frequent breaks, idle, and aux time to boost efficiency at work.

App and web usage

What app and web resources employees use defines what productive and non-productive hours they spend at work.

The use of wAnywhere productivity software enables you to track what applications and websites your teams visit at work and categorize them to identify what are their work-bound or non-work-bound app and web usage. Control non-productive employee hours and encourage productive app and web usage for better employee workhour utilization at the workplace.

wAnywhere Productivity Labeling

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Performance gap

Combined employee efforts drive operations efficiency. wAnywhere helps you measure teams’ performance and find out what teams work with greater productivity and what teams need improvements. Provide them with the needed support to level up and better contribute to business goals.                  

Work patterns

Employee work routine impacts employee work hours and can result in employee inefficiency at work. Get wAnywhere for real-time activity tracking of your teams and detect how teams work and perform what tasks, at what time, and with what productivity.

It helps you measure how they utilize their work hours and if there is a need to encourage them to optimize their work hours for more productive work.    

Why you need employee monitoring software    

Employee monitoring software provides employee activity-based actionable insights to the concerned organizations with distributed teams working in-office, remote, and hybrid environments to get data-driven productivity analytics and measure employee performance. Try wAnywhere today to know how the monitoring tool helps you capture real-time employee performance and evaluate employee productivity at work to enhance efficiency.   

Employee performance defines what efficiency and productivity teams execute at work. The factors including employee time, engagement at work, employee activities, and work patterns help decide employee performance and efficient business operations.

Employee monitoring software enables the concerned organization to get actionable insights into employee performance based on activity, time, efficiency, productivity, engagement, and utilization to get a comprehensive picture of how teams perform and what improvement they need to level up.

Employee productivity monitoring helps identify what factors drive or disrupt employee performance. Like, as real-time activity tracking to know what tasks they do and at what time, app and web usage to track what productive and non-productive hours they spend, employee engagement at work to measure what are their utilization ratio, and more.

Dashboard visualization from employee monitoring software empowers managers with real-time actionable data about employee performance based on employee productivity and efficiency to measure how it impacts the work and business operations, along with solutions to boost employee performance for more productive work.

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