Employee Monitoring in the Workplace
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Employee Monitoring in the Workplace – Common Concerns and Effective Solutions

Posted On June 4, 2024

In evolving workplaces where more teams are working distributed across locations, organizations face the challenge of staying in sync with how remote employees work and what efficiency distributed workforce achieves. Leveraging employee monitoring software can enable businesses working with distributed teams to gain the actionable insights that matter. The use of team monitoring software involves several concerns that organizations need to address, and it starts with taking the workforce into confidence to get the critical analytics that help drive workplace productivity.

Growing distributed work has disrupted organizations’ capability to stay aware of what tasks employees do and at what time. Remote teams working in unmonitored and flexible work environments can get distracted which can cause inefficiencies at work. Here, the real-time workforce analytics that you can capture with an effective productivity monitoring software, can prove vital in knowing how your dispersed teams are doing and where they need improvements. Before you implement remote employee monitoring, addressing your teams’ concerns and communicating with them the advantages are equally important to ensure that monitoring employees in the workplace aligns with the goals and meets the purpose.

Employee Monitoring in the Workplace

Let’s discuss what are the common concerns about employee monitoring software with screenshots that your workforce may have and how you can address them:

What is employee monitoring at work

Employee monitoring is a way of assessing workforce patterns and analyzing what workflow teams follow and how it impacts their efficiency at work. It helps you gain the granular details to decide what drives or disrupts workplace productivity and where improvements are needed to enhance workforce performance.


The most common concerns that the workforce has about employee monitoring are breaches of employee privacy and how the captured data will be used. 


Communicate with your teams and help them know the positives they can gain with workforce analytics in identifying where they are lacking and how to improve performance.


Process the real-time data to learn what work pattern employees follow, what time they spend on what tasks, and how efficiently they perform.

Do companies have to tell if they monitor employee activity  

Employee monitoring laws vary universally and different countries have diverse regulations in place. Above all, keeping your workforce informed about how they will be monitored and how their data will be processed is a fair practice. With your transparent monitoring approach, you help your teams stay in confidence and support in improving productivity at work.


About 41% of the workforce is unsure about what data companies capture and whether businesses monitor remote employees beyond work hours.


Establish clear boundaries and take your teams into confidence to monitor employee computer activity limited to work hours and based on performance.


Gain a better understanding of how teams spend the day at work, what tasks consume most of their work hours, and how they can achieve more efficiency.

Employee Monitoring in the Workplace

What are the best practices for employee monitoring

Align employee monitoring with the purpose – that is to capture data that matters and avoid impact on employee privacy. Let’s find out how you can best utilize employee monitoring:

Limit the scope of monitoring to work data

Analyze the work data during office hours and avoid breaching employee privacy.

Anonymize identifiable employee information

Mask or blur the sensitive information to negate employee identity exposure.

Prevent unauthorized access to captured data

Secure the captured data to eliminate the chances of unauthorized access.

Does employee monitoring increase productivity

With the comprehensive data that best remote employee monitoring software captures, you gain actionable analytics into what tasks employees do, what time employees take to do tasks, and what efficiency they achieve at work to know how they perform and what improvements they need.

Measure productivity trends

Find out the work patterns of your distributed teams and analyze what active or idle time they spend. Capture what apps and websites your workforce visits to measure their productive and non-productive hours.

Learn where employee time goes

Measure how teams spend time at work and what tasks consume most of their work hours. Further, drill down into employee activities and identify whether their work patterns drive or disrupt productivity at work.

Find when employees are most efficient

Stay in sync with how employees spend the day at work and when they do the most productive work. Utilize their most efficient hours by allocating them strategic tasks for fast and productive work.

What is the best tool for monitoring

First, think about your monitoring needs and how real-time data will help meet your business goals then decide on the best employee monitoring software that effectively meets your purpose. Leverage the advanced workforce analytics capabilities of wAnywhere – a future-ready work-anywhere platform – to get the data that matters to measure and manage workforce productivity in remote and hybrid environments.

Real-time workforce analytics

Capture in real-time how employees work and how it impacts their productivity at work. Analyze the actionable workforce data to find what they do well and where they need support to accelerate performance.

Gain accurate productivity metrics

Get precise employee productivity hours with the data based on what active time they spend at work, what time teams spend on what apps or websites, and what are total work hours of employees to enhance their efficiency.

Optimize work hours

Keep track of when teams start work, what time they spend on what tasks, what are their idle or break times, and when they log out to measure how they spend the day at work and optimize their work hours.

Boost employee efficiency to achieve more

Ensure fair monitoring practices for your teams and discuss with them the advantages of employee tracking in enhancing their efficiency and overall performance. Consider wAnywhere, trusted by leading organizations worldwide. Start your 14-day free trial today and know how you can boost employee productivity by 95%+, as experienced by most of our clients.