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Importance of workforce analytics in remote workplace

Posted On July 6, 2023

Gaining critical workforce analytics is important in today’s distributed business environment. wAnywhere remote employee monitoring software enables organizations to track, measure, and boost team productivity in remote work. Also, the AI-powered tool helps control security and compliance to enable clean desk in distributed work. With detailed overview of how efficiently remote teams perform, wAnywhere employee monitoring can prove to be the force to drive growth and success for your business. 

At present when data matters most to organizations, it is critical to understand – why workforce analytics is important?

Analyzing work patterns is crucial in getting actionable insight into how remote teams spend day, what productivity they perform, and how compliant are their actions in distributed environment. 

wAnywhere supports modern organizations in monitoring activities, measuring efficiency, and enhancing overall performance of remote teams. By enabling you to keep track of how teams act in remote work, the employee monitoring software helps align your remote workforce to achieve business goals. 

Why workforce analytics is critical in remote work

Modern organizations struggle with measuring productivity, performance, and compliance of distributed teams. Here, workforce analytics, as wAnywhere provides, helps organizations estimate how productive remote teams perform. Let’s explore why precisely workforce analytics is so critical in today’s distributed work environment. 

– Enhance efficiency of remote teams

Workforce analytics benefits distributed organizations with critical insight into how teams spend day in remote work, what tasks they perform at what time, what apps and websites they visit, what productive and unproductive time they execute. With crucial data insights, distributed organizations can better know what teams are performing and what teams need to be encouraged to improve performance. By gaining all the granular data, remote organizations can identify the performance blocks, inefficiencies, and the scope of improvement. The role of workforce analytics is vital in optimizing operational efficiency of remote organizations. 

Productivity Tracking
wAnywhere dashboard showing productivity contribution

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– Enable actionable decisions

Businesses can form strategic decisions by gaining actionable data from workforce analytics. By knowing when remote teams log in, what time they spend as idle and what at breaks, what hours they spend as active and when they log out – distributed organizations can learn how teams spend time in remote work and how productive they perform. The actionable data helps organizations decide where remote teams lack to perform and what measures will help boost productivity.

– Improve workforce performance

The detailed insight from workforce analytics helps businesses understand how teams behave in remote work. Knowing the work patterns of remote teams, organizations find out when they perform most productive and when they perform the least, what time they take to execute a task, and what app and web resources they utilize while working on projects. With data analytics, organizations can identify what distributed teams need motivation to excel and how to control unproductive activities to keep teams aligned with business goals. 

– Encourage to achieve more

A detailed dashboard showing data insights on remote team performance keeps organizations in the know of how teams do in remote work. Organizations can measure what goals teams have achieved and where they need to make more efforts to enhance performance and accelerate growth. The actionable data that workforce analytics generates helps detect what teams lack where and how to support them and improve productivity. 

– Eliminate risk factors

Organizations can negate data and reputation risks with workforce analytics on what remote teams are compliant and what teams are breaching compliance. Detailed compliance data helps drill down into what teams and departments are violating the most and what teams are repeated offenders. By knowing the overall security and compliance posture in remote work, organizations can define necessary measures, including employee not at desk/unknown/multiple persons around desk/mobile detection at work – to enable clean desk policy and control data security in distributed environment. 

Analyze Productivity & Compliance of Remote Teams

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How workforce analytics boosts efficiency in remote work 

Understanding how teams behave in remote work helps identify their work patterns and actions. Based on the vital data that workforce analytics shows, organizations can detect how remote teams perform, what active/idle time they spend, what hours they work, and what tasks they perform at what time to measure overall efficiency achieved.

The data analytics based on how teams spend day in remote work enables organizations to determine what productivity they execute in performing tasks, what bottlenecks they experience, and what encouragement they need to improve performance.

– Analyze remote team activities to measure work patterns

Tracking remote team activities helps gain critical insight into how teams work in distributed environment, what teams perform, and what teams need improvements. You get actionable data into where teams lack performance and what metrics can help, i.e., control unproductive app & web usage to align focus and alert teams on exceeding idle or break time to encourage more work hours, and measure how compliant remote teams behave to ensure clean desk policy. 

– Encourage collaboration and employee wellness

Productive collaboration helps remote teams better communicate ongoing tasks, upcoming projects, discuss strategies, decide what skills teams need to align with projects, invite members to review the development, and track progress to meet the deadline. Communication and collaboration apps from wAnywhere enable distributed teams to connect with ease and discuss in a secured and controlled virtual environment. 

wAnywhere Chat provides remote teams an interactive platform to share and communicate while wAnywhere Connect offers remote teams a controlled virtual environment where they can discuss, plan, and decide on project progress and growth factors. 

The employee monitoring software helps managers track how teams collaborate, align on common goals, and perform. These metrics aid managers in defining strategies to encourage a collaborative team culture. 

Managers can also keep track of how remote teams work and alert them to go on break if they work for continuous hours. Wellness feature from wAnywhere AI-powered monitoring software takes care of long work hours of remote teams and alerts them to take a break to avoid burnout. Distributed teams better perform when they balance their work with timely breaks as it helps maintain and even boost productivity. As a result, they perform more efficiently.

Diverse use cases of wAnywhere workforce analytics

Workforce analytics from wAnywhere helps distributed organizations in measuring and optimizing business operations in the following ways:

– Analyze work patterns

Organizations gain the capability to track work patterns of remote teams. They can know how remote teams spend day at work, when teams log in, what teams are active, what teams are idle or on break, what tasks they do at what time, what hours they work, and how productive they perform. 

Login Summary
wAnywhere dashboard showing Login Summary

Identify the factors driving or disrupting team performance with app & web usage. Measure what apps and websites remote teams visit with productivity labeling. Label apps and websites based on their category to know what productive/unproductive resources teams utilize to perform tasks, and how they spend time in remote work. 

Detect what work patterns teams follow in distributed environment. Identify how productive they perform and control their unproductive actions by alerting them against exceeding idle/break/aux time, and limiting their unproductive app/web usage. 

Measuring work patterns of remote teams helps align them to business goals and achieve growth. 

– Decision making process 

Data helps understand team actions in remote work. wAnywhere enables distributed organizations to gain data insight and know what teams are performing and what teams need encouragement, how productive they perform, what factors are disrupting productivity, and what is engagement level in remote work. 

Based on the detailed overview, remote organizations can better decide the corrective measures, including taking care of employee wellness with break alert against continuous work hours and limiting unproductive app/web usage, to keep teams motivated in distributed environment and aligned to common business goals.

– Enable security and compliance

Securing remote work and keeping teams compliant is critical for business data confidentiality in distributed environment. Measure how remote teams behave, what compliance level they achieve, whether they leave machines unattended, is there any unknown person on the desk, or multiple persons around remote desk, and whether remote teams use mobile device at work. AI-powered wAnywhere security and compliance monitoring enable organizations to control team actions and negate risk factors in distributed environment.

wAnywhere dashboard showing departments with maximum violations

Define metrics to automate actions against violations and blackout/lock/OTP lock remote machines to safeguard data from unauthorized access. Authenticate teams in remote work with face recognition and ensure only authorized teams have access to critical information. Detect mobile device (portable pen drive, USB, etc.) in remote work to eliminate the risk of screen/data capture. Enable clean desk compliance by controlling remote team actions and safeguarding vital business information.

– Optimize business operations

Track remote team activities to know how efficiently they perform and how productively they contribute towards business growth. Analyze how teams behave in remote work, when they log in, what time they spend as active/idle, on break or aux, when they log out, and total work hours. The detailed overview of remote team actions helps estimate overall productivity achieved and impact on business operations.

Identify what factors help boost productivity in remote work and what causes disruptions. Encourage productivity in distributed environment and control distractions to keep remote teams focused and aligned to optimize business operations.

How wAnywhere workforce analytics benefits organizations

Tracking remote teams by measuring work patterns, compliance, and efficiency benefits in the following ways: 

wAnywhere Workforce Analytics Benefits

– Capture detailed data

wAnywhere employee monitoring tracks every team activity in remote work and helps organizations measure what teams work on what tasks at what time and achieve what efficiency. From tracking real-time team actions to estimate how productive teams perform, and measuring security in remote work to enable clean desk policy – employee monitoring provides actionable data on what teams perform and what needs a boost, what productive/unproductive time they spend in remote work, and how efficiently they work. 

– Transforming data into actions

Gaining detailed data on remote team actions, organizations can utilize the insight to drill down into how and what teams do, how they spend day at work, and how productive they perform. The valuable data helps align team actions to achieve common business goals and accelerate growth. You can identify the bottlenecks and improve team performance, detect unproductive actions to improve productivity and measure activity to enhance overall efficiency achieved. 

– Detailed insights to drive productivity 

Measure team performance and find disruptions to align focus and avoid distractions. Identify inefficient activities and encourage productivity. Drill down into what teams are overburdened and what teams have bandwidth to balance work distribution, detect what teams perform tasks on time and what teams need support to execute quality work, and optimize performance. With teams dedicated to common business goals, they perform improved and focused efforts to optimize business operations and gain success.  

– Align teams to achieve goals

Negate distractions in remote work to keep teams centered around goals and motivate them to do constant efforts towards achieving growth. Identify productive/unproductive actions and the factors encouraging productivity. Control distractions to help teams perform with enhanced efficiency and ensure better compliance. Detect what teams add value to optimize business operations and what teams need a push to follow and deliver results. Aligned teams to execute combined efforts to accelerate performance and gain growth.

Tracking teams working in distributed environment is critical to measure their actions and impact on productivity. Efficient performance leads to exceptional results. Setting employee monitoring at various team actions helps capture what teams are doing what tasks at what time and with what efficiency and compliance. This valuable data enables organizations to align distributed teams to common business goals to achieve more.

Analyzing captured data helps identify how remote teams behave and spend day in distributed work. When teams get support in detecting disruptions and driving productivity, they get better positioned to deliver exceptional outcomes. 

wAnywhere employee monitoring software has been helping remote organizations in managing and maintaining productivity for distributed teams. The critical features of the software include real-time activity tracking, app & web usage monitoring, security and compliance, detect login/logout hours, identify total work hours, and measure how productive teams perform in distributed environment to estimate overall efficiency achieved. Start a free trial for 14 days to see wAnywhere in action.   

Utilizing wAnywhere monitoring software, organizations get actionable data on work patterns of remote teams, security posture in remote work, unproductive team performance, and the need for check-in to support and boost team productivity.   

Get holistic view of how remote teams perform tasks, what applications and websites they access for work, what productive and unproductive hours they spend, and what progress they made in what time to measure whether teams are aligned to meet the project timeline and if they need support to improve work efficiency.   

Analyze online activities of remote teams and measure what unproductive apps and websites consume most of their time to cause inefficiency. Control unproductive app and web usage of remote teams to boost productive time and overall performance.       

The detailed analytics from wAnywhere monitoring software empowers remote organizations with accurate data on what teams exceed break/idle time and alert them, what teams use aux time and for how long, what apps/websites remote teams access and control unproductive usage, when teams log in and track their work hours to measure overall productivity achieved.

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