What can employee monitoring software do
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What can employee monitoring software do

Posted On August 1, 2023

What can employee monitoring software do? – The question arises amid the growing challenge of monitoring and controlling team actions in distributed work. Remote organizations are struggling to know how remote teams behave, what are their work patterns, how compliant are their actions, and what productivity they achieve. Here, effective employee monitoring software can help keep track of team activities and control actions to ensure efficient performance and a secure work environment.    

What is employee monitoring software

The best employee monitoring software helps you track employee activities in remote or hybrid work and enables you to gain actionable insights into how remote teams work, how compliant they perform, and what efficiency they achieve. Based on the detailed data provided by user activity monitoring software, you can decide on corrective actions to enhance the productivity of remote teams and safeguard distributed work for improved data privacy.      

Reasons for employee monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software

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Remote teams can get easily distracted in remote work which can lead to impact performance and security. Apart from this, there are several other reasons why you need to monitor remote teams and keep them focused on goals:  

– Negate unproductive factors    

Track exceeding break and idle time of remote teams to alert them and remind goals to stay on course. Also, track aux time to control time wastage and boost work efficiency. 

– Prevent burnout

Detect if teams are working continuously for long hours and notify them to take breaks and avoid burnout. Also, track if teams are overburdened and balance work distribution to keep them productive.      

– Optimize work hours

Measure work hours of remote teams and control unproductive activities, like exceeding time on non-work bound apps or websites, and break or idle time to optimize work time.                   

– Improve performance

Detect if teams are taking longer than expected work hours to perform the tasks and if they need support to improve performance. Also, avoid project delays and meeting timelines.    

 wAnywhere console showing productivity dashboard
wAnywhere console showing productivity dashboard

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Four main purposes for monitoring

It’s tricky to measure how teams behave and perform in remote work. Here are a few key purposes that you can fulfill with employee monitoring software to keep track of how remote teams work and how compliant are their actions: 

– Analyze productive and unproductive time

Track what apps and websites remote teams access and what time they spend on them. Also, label the apps and websites based on their categories and estimate what productive and unproductive time they spend in remote work.

– Measure performance and provide support

Monitor what tasks remote teams do and what time they take to perform the tasks. Analyze if they’re taking longer time than expected to perform a task or need support to improve performance.     

– Track and control employee actions

Measure how teams behave and analyze how it impacts performance. Track their exceeding idle/break time, non-productive app & web usage, and work hours to alert them and control inefficiency.   

– Ensure compliance to secure data

Enable clean desk compliance in remote work to ensure data privacy. Define controls against employees not at desk, unknown/multiple persons, and mobile use at work to automate actions and secure distributed work environment.  

 wAnywhere console showing app & web usage
wAnywhere console showing app & web usage

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Does employee monitoring increase productivity

Tracking employee activities in remote work helps you identify inefficiencies and the corrective measures to improve performance. Let’s discuss a few effective ways employee monitoring can assist you to get detailed insights into what support remote teams need to enhance productivity:   

– Workforce Analytics

Monitor every activity of remote teams and get comprehensive data about how teams work, what actions they do, what security measures they follow, and what hours they work to estimate overall productivity and compliance level achieved in remote work.     

– Time and Attendance

Analyze when teams login and what hours they work to estimate the overall productivity achieved. Also, measure what teams are available at work to plan the ongoing/upcoming projects and avoid delays to meet timelines.              

– Screenshot Monitoring 

Track what tasks remote teams are doing and what time they take to complete. Estimate if they take longer than expected time to complete and identify any inefficiencies. Get proof of work utilizing employee monitoring software with screenshots and avoid work-hour conflicts to estimate billing.      

– App & Web Usage

Measure app and web usage of remote teams and detect what hours teams spend on them. Label the visited apps and websites based on their categories and estimate what productive and non-productive hours remote teams work. Control unproductive usage and boost productivity.   

– Location Tracking

Track the location of field employees and measure what tasks they do and at what work location. Monitor their break, idle, and work hours to analyze work patterns and estimate overall productivity. Also, detect when field teams leave the job location and get the timesheet to measure the total work hours performed. 

Boost Efficiency with Productivity Insights from wAnywhere Monitoring Software

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How do employees feel about employee monitoring

Employees have mixed feelings about being monitored but they also understand that organizations have a right to ensure productive work is being performed. Some employees feel that constant monitoring can be invasive while others feel they are not trusted to do their job. Additionally, some employees have privacy concerns while others think it is discrimination. Overall, employees look forward to transparency and clear communication from organizations about monitoring practices.

It’s important to communicate with your teams that you’re not monitoring employees but their activities with the view that you’re worried about what each one is doing. You’re trying to collect work-bound activity data that you can use to boost team productivity.

Once you’ve communicated your view with the teams, it gets easier to recognize that monitoring remote teams is for establishing transparency and helping everyone — the employee, the employer, and the organization.

It’s vital to choose the right software that’s not intrusive and can also be customized to your organization’s goals.

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Employee monitoring software helps you provide actionable data about how teams work, what productive and unproductive time they spend, what tasks they do and complete at what time, what security measures they follow for data privacy, and how efficiently they perform.

You can gain the following advantages by utilizing employee monitoring software:

  • Improved productivity
  • Maximized security
  • No insider threats
  • Optimized work hours
  • Resolved performance issues

Teams working in remote and hybrid work environments bring organizations the challenge of monitoring what and where they work, what productivity and compliance level they achieve, and what support they need to improve performance.

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