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How a time tracker can help overcome workplace challenges

Posted On November 20, 2023

Managing a team is critical, especially when you need to know how employees utilize their time, what activities impact productivity at work, and what their work hours are. Among the ever-growing workplace challenges, it’s crucial to know what the needed skills are available to be aligned with the upcoming projects and what are the upskilling opportunities for your teams to help them meet the work standards.

Here the importance of employee time management is in focus. It is crucial to know what teams do what activities at what time and with what productivity, even more so with the growing future of work and teams working in distributed work environments. How employees spend the day at work holds answers to most of the challenges arising out of the workplace. Let’s discover them:

Find out how employees spend the day at work

Time Tracker

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How employees spend the day at work defines how productive they work and what efficiency they perform at the workplace. Let’s explore how:          

What hours employees spend at the workplace

Employee hours comprise what time they spend on what tasks. It indicates how efficient employees are at work and how they perform, if their work patterns impact efficiency at work, and whether they are over or underutilized. The challenge grows with organizations having more remote and hybrid teams and can result in non-productive habits at the workplace.

What are employees’ login and logout hours

When employees come to work and what are their work hours hint about what productivity they perform. If they work fewer hours, it can overburden the rest of the members and impact fair employee utilization. The resulting less focus time affects work quality and invites several reviews to standardize the work. It all consumes more team effort and time, which can delay the project and push the timeline.

What time employees spend on what tasks

What time employees consume in performing tasks reflects if they’re efficient enough or need support and training to meet the expected efficiency level at the workplace. Employee workflow defines productive work and if is not aligned with the project timeline, it can risk client trust and business reputation.

What resources employees use for work

Employees utilize what resources at work and if those resources help them in performing tasks or distract them direct what productive or non-productive workflow they follow at the workplace. Non-restricted use of applications and websites can cause inefficiency at work and hamper employee productivity.             

What are employees’ productive hours

Employee work hours fragmented with active, idle, break, and aux time constitute what productivity they achieve at work. The exceeding and frequent idle and break time can badly impact employee efficiency at work and disrupt workplace productivity.       

Why you need a time tracker to improve work efficiency

Employee time tracking software helps identify inefficiencies at the workplace and improves employee work patterns. With effective time-tracking software, organizations with distributed teams can better align the workflow of their teams to productive work habits and help them work being bound to the project timeline. Let’s discover more about it:      

Identify employee work patterns

Find out when employees do what tasks, when they’re active at work, when they are idle or on break, and what BPO teams use aux time, for what purpose and duration. Utilizing capable time-tracking for small businesses or medium/large organizations enables you to measure how employees work and with what efficiency.   

Detect active and idle employee hours

Identify what time your teams are active at work and what time they spend being idle and doing no work. Utilizing an employee hour tracker, you can evaluate whether your teams use frequent idle time or exceed it to control inefficiency at the workplace and encourage more employee productivity.        

Find out productive and non-productive working time

Measure what apps and websites teams access to categorize them and assess what productive and non-productive hours they spend at work. Get help from an employee time-tracking app to evaluate how your teams utilize work hours and where they waste time. Identify the resources helping or disrupting employee efficiency at work and control their resource utilization to encourage more productive performance.                                     

Get clear insights into employee productivity level

Gain dashboard visualization of employee performance to analyze what factors drive or disrupt productivity at work. An apt employee hour tracker app empowers you with real-time analytics including activity monitoring, activity timeline, live time tracking, and screenshots to show you what accelerates or distracts their performance.  

Automated Employee Time Tracking and Real Time Insights

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Know how employees spend time at work 

Get employee utilization to find out what their work hours are. Identify what employees stretch their work time to detect if they’re overworking and what employees are underutilized and reflecting less than defined work hours. With help from a time tracker, distribute the workload and balance work for your teams to allow fair work hours for employees.                             

How wAnywhere time tracking software can help

Having employee time management software to your support, you can measure what time employees spend on what tasks and what are their productive work hours. Start a free trial today to learn how you can get help from a capable time tracking app in managing employee hours and efficiency at the workplace.

You can find employee time management software to evaluate what productive and non-productive time your workforce spends at work.

Employee time tracking software enables you to identify inefficiencies at work and encourage more productive work hours for your teams

Time management software empowers you with real-time data based on employees’ time-bound activities and helps you detect what activities drive or disrupt their performance at work to improve efficiency.

Employee time tracking software benefits organizations with optimized work hours, improved efficiency, more productive hours, no non-productive app and web usage, balanced distribution of work, time-bound task competition, and meeting project timelines.


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