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Importance of Employee Productivity Monitoring in Distributed Work

Posted On November 23, 2023

Distributed work can easily get impacted by distractions and gaining timely information about when teams do what activities help measure how productive they perform — each employee hour being wasted results in growing inefficiency at work.

If you don’t have a productivity monitoring system, you’re risking your workforce to end up with teams other than those that makeup 75% of employees that reflect maximum productivity in remote work. 

Gaining awareness about how teams work in distributed environments helps identify what teams perform and what teams lack in doing productive work. Here the employee data entailing employee performance factors can prove useful for organizations struggling to know what drives or disrupts employee productivity in remote work.

Let’s understand how employee productivity monitoring software helps capture employee data based on their activities and what insights you can gain by processing this data into actionable information:     

Get employee activity-based data

Employee Monitoring

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Find out how employees perform and what causes inefficiencies at work. Measure employee performance with an effective monitoring tool to learn how employee activities impact productivity at work.

What are workplace distractions

Employee workplace data includes what their active time is, and what idle or break time they spend. You get to know what aux time BPO teams use. This data is valuable and holds the key to finding out how employees spend the day and what their work hours are. You can get this data analyzed with dashboard visualization from remote employee productivity monitoring software to get your answer on how your employees spend the day at work.

What is employee engagement at work

Employee engagement data from employee monitoring software reflects what employees deliver quality work and what employees lack in meeting expectations for standardized work. Process workforce data gained with the remote employee productivity monitoring tool to analyze how your teams perform and with what productivity.

What apps and websites help employees perform

Capture app and web usage-based employee data with staff productivity monitoring software that hints at what productive and non-productive time they spend at work. Get data-driven insight with employee performance monitoring software to find how employee app and web usage impact their work hours and whether they contribute to employee efficiency at work.

What are employee work patterns

Employee work-bound data recorded with employee performance tracking tool indicates how your teams spend their day. Measure employee data recorded with employee performance tracking software to gain real-time analytics into when employees do what tasks and whether it accelerates or distracts their productivity at work.

Find actionable information about employee productivity

Gain workable insights from employee data recorded with remote employee productivity monitoring tool and evaluate what factors encourage or disrupt employee performance.

Identify employee work hours

Measure employee time to extract the details about when employees log into work, if employees exceed idle time that impacts their active hours, or if employees use frequent break time that affects their efficiency. Analyze when your BPO teams use aux time for what duration and if it disrupts employee workflow.

Detect employee utilization

Employee work data also helps you identify if employees are overworking or underutilized with bandwidth to balance work. Evaluate how employees are engaged at work and what productive hours they reflect. By analyzing employee work data, you can detect factors that impact employee work efficiency.

Evaluate how focused employees perform

With employee performance data, you can process it to measure if employees deliver standardized work, or if their work invites multiple reviews to meet the work expectations. Find out if employees consume more time to complete the tasks and assess training opportunities for them. Get to know when to check in to support employees to boost focused time at work and help elevate their performance.

Enhance Employee Engagement and Performance with wAnywhere

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Measure employee activity timeline

Gaining insights from employee productivity data, you can know what activities they perform at what time and if it pushes or pauses their efficiency. Utilize employee data to break down their activities and identify when they do what actions and how it affects productivity at work.

Need for wAnywhere employee productivity monitoring software

wAnywhere productivity monitoring software is purpose-built for remote and hybrid teams. Organizations with distributed workforce can capture the needed employee data with AI-powered employee productivity management tool that enables them to control the factors improving or impacting employee productivity at work. Start a free trial to see wAnywhere in action today!

With employee productivity monitoring software, you can measure employee performance based on what time they spend on what tasks and how engaged they are at work.

The purpose of employee productivity monitoring is to find out how employees spend the day at work and what are their activity patterns. It helps organizations with remote and hybrid teams to identify work inefficiencies and enhance employee performance.

It depends on what employee monitoring tool best serves your needs. You can try wAnywhere employee performance software to get actionable employee data and analyze what factors drive or disrupt their productivity at work.

Employee productivity KPIs can be what time employees take to perform tasks, what employee engagement is at work, and how efficiently they perform to measure their effectiveness at work.

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