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How to Control Employee Behavior and Data Privacy in Contact Centers

Posted On October 19, 2023

Teams at contact centers process critical business data that varies from financial details to health records and other vital information. With growing future work and more contact center teams working in remote environments, it has become a challenge for managers to track their behavior and know how compliant their actions are.

Why employee behavior and data privacy are important

How teams behave defines compliance at the workplace, and measuring their actions matters to predict risky employee actions for violation control and data privacy in remote work.

How employee monitoring software can help

Control Employee Behavior and Data Privacy in Contact Centers

Getting help from a capable employee monitoring software enables you to define detections against Employee Not at Desk, Unknown Person in front of system, Multiple Persons around the workplace, and Mobile Detection at work to ensure compliance with business policy and data privacy.

Let’s understand how a capable employee monitoring tool helps enable security and compliance in remote contact center operations:

Face Recognition

Authenticate remote teams with Face Recognition to validate only authorized employees at work and eliminate chances for unauthenticated access to important business resources.

Define Violation Detections

Set detections against risky employee behavior at work and identify how compliant are their activities.

Control Compliance

Measure employee actions against Clean Desk and Business Policy to ensure compliance for remote teams:

Analyze Productivity & Compliance of Remote Teams 

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– Employee not at Desk: Track if the employee is not at the desk and has left the machine unattended to avoid the data breach

– Unknown Person at Work: Detect if an unknown person is in front of the system to negate unauthorized access to vital business resources 

– Multiple Persons around Workplace: Identify if multiple persons are around the workplace to mitigate unauthorized data exposure

– Mobile Detection at Work: Monitor mobile use at work to eliminate screen recording/capture for data safety

PII and PHI Masking

Ensure PII and PHI Masking to encrypt the critical financial and health information for data privacy

How wAnywhere fits into your security and compliance needs

AI-powered wAnywhere employee monitoring software provides future work solutions for today’s remote and hybrid teams. For organizations with distributed workforce – including Contact Centers and BPOs – the monitoring tool provides comprehensive security and compliance features including the above-mentioned Face Recognition, Employee Not at Desk, Unknown/Multiple Persons/Mobile Detection to Screen Recording, Live Location Tracking, and Geofencing to keep track of BPO/Contact Center teams’ actions in remote work and predict risky activities to control compliance and data privacy.

Start a free trial to learn how wAnywhere can empower you with real-time compliance analytics for your remote contact center teams and ensure secure business operations.

Security policy for call centers defines violation detection against risky employee behavior, including employee not at the desk, unknown/multiple persons around the desk, and mobile use at work to control compliance and data privacy in remote and hybrid work.

Key security best practices for BPOs include Face Recognition to authenticate employees to access business resources, Screenshots at defined intervals to capture employee activities in real-time, Live location tracking and geofencing to control remote teams’ actions and data/device safety.

You can utilize capable employee monitoring software to define violation detections against risky BPO teams’ behavior to control compliance and data privacy in remote BPO operations.

With employee monitoring software, you can automate actions against violations to control employee behavior and data risks in remote contact center operations.