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How User Behavior Analytics Helps Organizations Ensure Compliance at Work

Posted On October 10, 2023

At a time when organizations are shifting from the traditional way of working to future work, remote work is growing and bringing a mix of challenges and advantages for businesses. The advantages are many from saving operational costs to commute time and work flexibility, while challenges are equally no less from managing remote teams to maintaining productivity and ensuring security and compliance in remote work.

Remote teams are at the center of distributed work and managing and controlling their behavior holds the key for productive and secure remote work. Let’s start with understanding what user behavior analytics is and why it is important:     

What is User Behavior Analytics

User behavior analytics is to measure user behavior at the workplace and identify how they work and its impact on workplace productivity and secure business operations.

Why User Behavior Analytics is Important

Identifying user behavior analytics hints to business managers about the actions of their remote teams and if they cause risks to business operations and productivity.

Key Factors to Predict User Behavior at the Workplace

Key Factors to Predict User Behavior at the Workplace

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It’s critical to keep track of employee behavior in remote work to know what their actions are and if they are compliant with the business policy and standard regulations. Monitoring employee behavior helps predict risky actions to control security and compliance at the remote workplace. Let’s learn a few key parameters to predict user behavior at the workplace:

Set Actions Against Employee Behavior

Define actions against employee behavior to measure their activities and know how compliant they work.                       

Track Employee Activities

Monitor your remote teams to identify their actions and measure if they are compliant and in line with business policy and regulations.    

Detect Insider Threats   

Identify remote teams’ actions and measure if they are non-compliant to eliminate risks to business policy and data privacy.

Importance of Employee Monitoring Software in User Behavior Analytics

An effective employee monitoring software enables managers to get actionable insights into employee activities at the workplace and helps them predict risky employee actions to control security and compliance in the remote workplace. Let’s learn how the monitoring tool helps ensure clean desk/business policy and data privacy for your remote teams:

Get Actionable Insights with Employee Activity Tracking 

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Configure controls against employee activities

Set preventive controls against risky employee activities to automate actions for violation detection   

Detect Employee Not at Desk

Identify if the remote employee is not at the desk and has left the machine unattended to negate data violation instances  

Identify Unknown/Multiple Persons at Desk

Detect if there is any unknown person at the desk, or multiple persons are around the employee workplace to avoid unauthorized data exposure

Track Mobile Device at Work

Monitor if remote teams use the mobile device at the workplace to control data recording/capture

Get Screenshots to Measure Employee Behavior

Capture employee screens at defined intervals to measure how they behave at the workplace and get proof of their actions to control security in remote work

Control Employee Behavior and Violations  

Alert employees against risky behavior and non-compliance to control their actions and ensure clean desk/business policy and data privacy in distributed work       

Ensure Security and Compliance with Employee Monitoring Software

Get accurate user behavior analytics in remote work and manage your remote teams with confidence. Know how effective employee monitoring software helps you keep track of employee actions to control security and compliance at the workplace.    

Employee monitoring software helps track user activities at the workplace to measure what actions they do and how compliant their actions are.

Keeping track of user behavior at the workplace helps detect employee activities and identify risky behavior to control compliance and ensure secure business operations.

Identifying user behavior analytics at the workplace helps gain the following benefits:

  • Track how employees behave at work
  • Predict risky employee actions
  • Ensure Clean Desk/Business Policy
  • Control Security and Compliance in the workplace

Tracking employee behavior at the workplace helps predict risky employee actions and control violations to ensure business policy and data compliance in the workplace.

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