Why Data Privacy is Important for Your Organization
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Why Data Privacy is Important for Your Organization

Posted On September 22, 2023

The growth of technology has created a new world that is heavily reliant on data. Evolving digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we live and work, and most organizations now use technology in some form, whether it’s for sending emails or using data analytics tools, like wAnywhere employee monitoring software.

As a result, organizations generate and process large amounts of data on a daily basis. To protect this data from theft, accidental loss, and unauthorized access, measures have been put in place to ensure business and user data privacy. The concerned organizations utilizing AI-powered wAnywhere security and compliance have adopted an effective way to enable data privacy. With almost every business relying on data in some way, it is essential to safeguard it against internal and external threats.

Importance of Data Privacy

Given that data is valuable for organizations, protecting it is of the utmost importance. Misuse of corporate data can lead to significant harm, including financial loss, damage to reputation, and loss of customer trust. To negate these risks, companies often practice extensive policies and measures to secure their critical data against violations. With new technologies emerging, including employee monitoring software to ensure Clean Desk Compliance, organizations get reliable options to safeguard personal information in remote or hybrid workplaces.

Why Data Privacy is Important for Your Organization

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What Does Data Privacy Mean for Different Organizations

Different organizations have varied data privacy needs and requirements, depending on the type and sensitivity of the information they handle. For example, healthcare organizations need to ensure the privacy and security of patient data, while financial institutions must protect customers’ financial information. Retail businesses may need to secure data related to customer purchases and payment information though technology companies may need to protect proprietary research and development data.

wAnywhere employee monitoring software provides you the capability to customize it as per your organization’s security needs and ensures your remote or hybrid teams work in compliance with business policy or standard regulations to ensure business and user data privacy.   

Regardless of the type of organization, the importance of data privacy can’t be overstated. Data privacy is essential for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of business information. Maintaining data privacy helps prevent cyber-attacks, which otherwise can disrupt business operations and cause damage to an organization’s credibility. The following is one of the effective practices for data privacy:

Need of PII and PHI Data Masking

PII and PHI Data Masking helps protect critical business details from being revealed and ensures data privacy. With wAnywhere PII and PHI Masking, you get the ability to hide sensitive information and protect it to enable user and business information confidentiality.  

Analyze Productivity & Compliance of Remote Teams

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Let’s explore the effective measures to ensure data privacy and secure your business operations:      

Effective Measures to Secure Your Business Operations

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of the digital age. With hackers getting smarter and more sophisticated, it’s not just about protecting your data from unwanted access, but also potential breaches. It is important to choose an effective employee monitoring software that has the advanced ability to scan for vulnerabilities and detect malware before it can cause any damage. AI-enabled security from wAnywhere – including Face Authentication, Employee Not at Desk, Unknown Person at Desk, Multiple Persons Around the Desk, and Mobile Detection at Work – helps organizations with remote or hybrid working teams to track their actions against violations and enable compliance with business policy.

The following are a few effective methods you can opt for to make your remote or hybrid teams compliant and safeguard your business operations:

Authenticate Your Distributed Teams with Face Recognition

Ensure only authorized teams are able to log in to work with AI-enabled Face Recognition and negate the risk of any unauthorized persons gaining access to important business resources.       

Track If Your Employee Has Left the Machine Unattended

Monitor whether your remote or hybrid teams are not present at their work desk and have left the machine unattended with a chance for business data exposure. Control risky employee behavior with wAnywhere’s Screen Lock/OS Lock/OTP Lock actions and avoid data breach instances.                      

Identify If Any Unknown Person is at the Work Desk  

Track if any unauthenticated person is at the work desk and secure the valuable business data from getting accessed by some unauthorized person. With AI-powered wAnywhere employee monitoring software, you can detect if any unknown person is at work and negate data violations.  

Detect Whether Multiple Persons are Around the Desk

Monitor if employees working in remote environments get exposed to unauthorized eyes around their workplace to avoid data exposure and the risk of information breach. wAnywhere enables you to track whether multiple unauthenticated persons are around the work desk to avoid any instance of data violation.  

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Monitor If Employees Use Mobile Devices at Work

Track if your remote or hybrid employees use mobile devices at work to curb the chances of screen capture or recording and avoid any risk of an information violation. Utilize wAnywhere desktop tracking software to detect whether distributed teams use mobile devices at work.

Capture Employee Screens to Know What They Do

Screenshot the employee screens at defined intervals to learn how they work and what task they’re up to. You can measure your teams’ work patterns and actions at different times to identify if there is a security risk to control and negate the violation instances.            

Know Employee Location and Ensure Data/Device Safety 

Monitor where your distributed teams are working and what tasks they are doing. wAnywhere location tracking enables you to detect the real-time location of your remote employees and do the geofencing to control employee activities and ensure data and device safety.      

Data is essential for the growth and success of any business. With the widespread use of data, it is important for organizations to prioritize user and business data privacy in order to create a secure distributed work environment. Know how wAnywhere can help with AI-enabled security and compliance to manage and maintain employee actions and data privacy in distributed work.

Organizations can define business policy to measure employee actions against it and predict if their actions are in compliance with regulations or causing data breach risks. An effective employee monitoring software can help you manage employee behavior in the workplace and maintain data privacy.

AI-enabled security tracks employee behavior in remote and hybrid work environments to measure employee actions and control compliance to maintain data privacy.

Real-time location tracking from effective employee monitoring software helps organizations learn where employees work and what tasks they perform. They can geofence the location to control distributed employees’ activities and manage data and device safety.

Employee monitoring software captures employee activities in real-time and helps you predict risky behavior to control compliance and data privacy in distributed work.

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