Challenges and Solutions for BPOs in Remote Work
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7 Most Pressing Challenges and Solutions for BPOs in Remote Work

Posted On October 6, 2023

BPO businesses operating in remote environment struggle to know how productive their teams work, how compliant their actions are, what Aux Time they use and for what purpose, what activities they do, and what are their active, idle, and break times. The challenges can even be more, and so are the solutions.

Let’s first discuss the challenges faced by BPO businesses and their remote teams:

Challenges faced by BPO businesses

How productive teams perform

With teams working in distributed environment, BPOs can’t know exactly what work they do and at what time to measure overall productivity achieved by their remote teams in distributed work.     

What Aux, Break, and Idle time they use

It gets tough for BPO or Contact Center businesses to measure what Aux time their remote teams use and for what purpose, what break time they use, and when they’re idle to know when they’re non-active and why. 

How compliant are their actions

Contact centers struggle to know how their teams behave in remote work and if their actions are compliant with business policy or standard regulations to avoid data privacy risks. 

Where and what your teams work

BPOs can’t identify the locations where distributed teams work and what tasks they do at what time to learn how they work and ensure business data and device safety.     

What activities they do

It’s a challenge for contact centers to know when their remote working teams log in to work, what tasks they do, and what time they work to analyze performance.  

What are their work patterns 

Equally, it gets tricky for BPOs to detect when teams work, when they go Idle, or on Breaks, and when they perform what tasks to measure how they work.

Proof of work

Contact centers can’t measure teams’ actions against inefficiency or non-compliance as they need proof of work to identify non-productive and risky team behavior in remote work. 

Let’s discuss how an effective employee monitoring software can help:            

How employee monitoring software can help        

With purpose-built wAnywhere employee monitoring software for BPOs and Contact Centers, they get an advanced AI-driven solution to measure and maintain compliance and productivity for their distributed teams. Let’s discuss how the security and compliance monitoring tool can help BPOs overcome the challenges and align their remote teams to business goals:

How employee monitoring software can help

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Manage Productivity to Ensure Work Efficiency 

Track what work your remote teams perform and at what time, also measure what Active, Idle and Break Time they spend to estimate what productivity your BPO teams achieve.    

Track Aux, Break, and Idle Time to Optimize Work Hours

Monitor what Aux Time your Contact Center teams use and for what purpose to know the reason for their non-active hours, also track when your teams take Breaks or Go Idle to measure and control the impact on work hours.

Control Security and Compliance for Data Privacy

Monitor how your Contact Center teams behave in remote work and if their actions are compliant with Business Policy and Standard Regulations to control risks and ensure Data Privacy.

Real-Time Activity Monitor to Measure Performance

Determine when your BPO teams Log into work, what tasks they do, when they are Active, and when they take Breaks or go Idle to measure how they work and whether it drives or disrupts their productivity.     

Live Location Tracking to Secure Business Data and Device

Track Live Location of your BPO teams to know where they work and what tasks they perform, also Geofence the location to control their activities, and ensure business data and device safety.

Ensure Clean Desk Policy to Align Team Actions

AI-enabled wAnywhere employee monitoring software enables Face Authentication and automated detections against Employee Not at Desk, Unknown/Multiple Persons at Desk, and Mobile Use at Work to ensure data and policy compliance in remote work.

Let’s understand how wAnywhere ensures Clean Desk Policy in remote work:

Analyze Productivity & Compliance of Remote Teams

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How wAnywhere can help ensure Clean Desk Policy 

Face Recognition

Authenticate your remote BPO teams with face recognition to avoid unauthorized access to business resources

Employee Not at Desk

Detect if remote employee has left the machine unattended to Blackout/Block/OTP Lock the screen to negate data breach

Unknow/Multiple Persons at Desk

Identify if there is an unauthorized person at desk or if there are multiple persons around the remote employee’s workplace to curb unauthorized data breach/exposure instances

Mobile Detection at Work

Find out what contact center teams use mobile devices at the workplace to Blackout/Block or OTP Lock the screen and eliminate the chances of screen capture/recording

Get Screen Recording for Proof of Work

Track how your BPO teams behave in remote work and measure their actions to identify and control risks with screenshots at defined intervals and get proof of work against their activities

Why right employee monitoring tool is important

Have the right tool in place to negate challenges in remote work and manage your distributed BPO teams with confidence. Know how wAnywhere employee monitoring software ensures productivity and compliance for your remotely located BPO/Contact Center workforce for optimized and secure operations.   

Monitor employee actions against business policy/standard regulations to measure if they follow compliance at work and control their behavior.

Detect your BPO teams’ activities and identify if they pose risks to data privacy or violate business policy to control security in remote work.

AI-powered employee monitoring software enables automated detections against Employee not at Desk to prevent unauthorized data breach, Unknown/Multiple Persons around Work Desk to negate data exposure instances, Mobile Use at Work to neutralize screen capture/recording for data privacy.

It depends on what employee monitoring tool fits best in your needs for managing employee productivity and compliance in remote work. You can consider wAnywhere employee monitoring software to track and control your teams’ activities, productivity, efficiency, engagement, and compliance in remote and hybrid work.

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