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Multiple Voice Detection – Predict and prevent suspicious activities without compromising employee privacy

Posted On May 15, 2024

Multiple Voice Detection (MVD) provides an effective security solution to the concerned organizations for their remote teams working in home offices and data-sensitive roles by identifying suspicious activities through multiple voices around them while keeping employee privacy intact by avoiding screenshots.

In highly regulated industries including BPOs, Contact Centers, Finance, and Banking, it’s important to ensure compliance and data privacy. In evolving workplaces – where more teams are distributed and working across locations, mostly from home offices – organizations face the challenge of honoring employee privacy while monitoring teams. Unlock the potential of Multiple Voice Detection (MVD) that can help you overcome the challenge by identifying multiple voices around remote employees in data-sensitive roles without capturing screenshots and risking employer breach of employee privacy – that is the case today with most organizations concerned about breaching employee privacy while monitoring and want a balanced solution to keep employee privacy intact.

Key Highlights 

Multiple voice detection enables organizations to detect the presence of multiple persons around remote employees in data-sensitive roles avoiding screenshots and honoring employee privacy.

– Utilizing Multiple Voice Detection, managers can identify suspicious activities in the workplace to mitigate data exposure.

– Based on captured audio, Super Admins and Managers can measure and control workplace non-compliance.

What is Multiple Voice Detection

Multiple voice detection aims to enable organizations to control malicious activities leading to data protection and privacy compliance threats in remote work while avoiding any employee privacy breach by capturing and identifying the voices in the background to curb security risks.

The multiple voice detection feature is an expansion of the wAnywhere security solution and enhances its monitoring capabilities by capturing multiple voices in the background of the remote employees’ workplace with the aim of predicting and preventing suspicious activities to mitigate sensitive data exposure vulnerabilities while avoiding screenshots and ensuring employee privacy. Utilizing Multiple Voice Detection, managers can identify whether – unauthorized persons are around the work desk – anything suspicious is in discussion – or frequent unproductive conversations happen in remote workplaces. 

How Multiple Voice Detection Works 

To bring MVD into action, Super Admins and Managers need to access Configurations > AI Detection > Multiple Voice Detection to set it to work, and the feature will start capturing voices around the employees working in remote environments. Based on the recorded audio files, Managers can predict and prevent activities indicating threats before they cause damage.

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How Multiple Voice Detection helps businesses strengthen compliance

In organizations having data-critical business operations, implementing multiple voice detection from wAnywhere security and compliance helps identify the presence of unauthorized persons in remote workplaces to predict and respond in real-time against potential data exposure for risk management and threat mitigation.

Let’s understand how businesses can ensure workplace security without compromising employee privacy with Multiple Voice Detection from AI-powered wAnywhere compliance solutions:

Control compliance and unauthorized data exposure

Recognize the presence of unvalidated persons around the work desk with multiple voices captured to avoid unauthorized data exposure.

Respond in real-time against suspicious activities

Detect any suspicious activities in real-time measured through voice detection in remote workplaces to respond ahead of threats and stop them from happening.

Risk prediction and remediation  

Enhance your capability to predict and prevent risks leading to workplace non-compliance and align your teams for secure business operations.   

Fraud prevention

Identify suspicious conversations indicating fraud, identity theft, or insider trading. Leverage MVD as an early warning system for insider threat prevention.

Insider threat detection

Track unusual employee behavior with voice interactions and gain insider threat awareness. It helps control data leaks, sabotage, or unauthenticated access.

Ensure employee privacy

Avoid conflict between employee monitoring and employee privacy as voice-based detections eliminate the need for employee screenshots and negate any employee privacy breach.

Boost workplace compliance with MVD-enabled wAnywhere security

Adopt an effective solution that enables you to measure and manage data threats without overpowering employee privacy. Unlock MVD-enabled wAnywhere security solutions and experience its capability to predict risks and prevent potential harm to workplace compliance and business operations. Start a free trial for wAnywhere to see MVD in action today.

Extending its security and compliance solutions, wAnywhere has added Multiple Voice Detection to provide enhanced capability to organizations for risk prediction and prevention.

In evolving workplaces where remote and hybrid teams are growing, data-critical organizations are struggling to regulate distributed workplaces and ensure compliance. Leveraging AI-enabled wAnywhere security solutions including Multiple Voice Detection, organizations at risk can mitigate threats and ensure workplace regulation.

Here, Multiple Voice Detection provides a balanced security approach to organizations where constant monitoring is most needed to identify and respond to threats in real-time without compromising employee privacy.

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