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5 Effective Ways to Monitor Employee Performance

Posted On October 17, 2023

Employee performance indicates how your teams contribute to business goals but measuring it in growing future work today is a challenge. Along with advantages, remote or hybrid work also brings several complexities with it, and learn about how your teams work and with what efficiency is the critical one among them. 

Here, an effective employee monitoring software can help with its capabilities to measure and manage employee performance in distributed work: 

Measure and Manage Employee Performance

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Productivity Monitoring

Know when distributed working teams Log into work, what Time they spend on what tasks, what Active, Idle, Break, and Aux Time they use, what Apps and Websites they access, and how efficiently they utilize work hours.     

Security and Compliance

Measure actions of your remotely located teams with AI-powered detections and identify any risky behavior at work to ensure Clean Desk compliance with business policy and Data Privacy for secure business operations.           

Apps and Tools

Allow your teams the needed resources to perform more productive work in less time with Apps and Tools including Note for pre-designed meeting templates, Vault for secure storage and access to business docs, and more.    


Get a secure and productive collaboration environment for enterprise communication and video conference with wAnywhere Chat and Connect apps, also control interactions, sharing, meeting creation, and groups for seamless collaboration.  


Enhance engagement at work for your distributed teams by identifying their workload and work hours to identify the factors driving or disrupting their productivity and measure employee utilization to balance the workload and track continuous work hours to alert for timely breaks and maintain team engagement at work. 

Enhance Employee Engagement and Performance 

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Create a productive and compliant remote work environment for your teams with capable employee monitoring software. Know how wAnywhere can help with its AI-powered monitoring and remote workforce management to optimize teams’ performance and business operations.