Detect overworked employees and balance workload
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How to detect overworked employees and solutions for balancing workload

Posted On October 16, 2023

With more organizations shifting to the future of work, remote work is growing and equally growing are the challenges to managing remote teams and maintaining productive work in the distributed environment. Among them, employee wellness is one of the challenges that impact efficiency at the workplace.   

Let’s understand what employee wellness is and how it can impact efficiency at the workplace.                  

What is employee wellness

Employee wellness refers to employees working with a balanced workload and timely breaks. It helps them perform focused and productive work

Detect overworked employees and balance workload

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How employee wellness can impact efficiency at the workplace

An overburdened employee can’t perform as much productive work as an employee being cared for well with timely breaks and a balanced workload. Ignoring employee wellness can lead to the following inefficiencies at the workplace:

Overworked employees

Remote teams are tricky to measure what employees are over and under-utilized. It can result in a few employees overworking while others have bandwidth to balance the workload.                                       

No focus at work

Overwork can distract employee focus and cause non-standard work that needs several reviews and rework to standardize it. The process takes additional time and effort, hence leading to inefficiency at work.            


An overburdened employee with distracted focus struggles to perform productive work that again invites multiple reviews and rework to align the work with the purpose. It again fails the objective of achieving and maintaining productive work.                 

Less quality work

The absence of focus and productivity at work causes non-quality work and affects employee performance. It contributes to employee non-productivity and inefficiency at the workplace.             

Delayed work timeline

Less quality work needing several reviews and rework delays the work timeline and impacts employee credibility. It affects your organization’s objective of meeting the project timeline with productive and efficient work.   

Here, a capable employee monitoring software can help you with employee wellness by defining continuous work hour duration and balancing workload.

Importance of employee monitoring software

Boost Efficiency with Productivity Insights 

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Employee monitoring software enables you to define controls for various employee activities and get real-time insights into how your teams perform and manage employee wellness for more productive work:  

Define continuous work hour duration

Measuring employee work hours against defined continuous work duration helps identify what employees are overworking without breaks and risking burnout.

Balance the workload       

Get work utilization for your teams with dashboard visualization from employee wellness monitoring software to know what employees are overburdened and what employees have availability to balance the workload.

Maintain focused work

Balance workload and alert employees against timely breaks help them maintain focus at work and perform more productive work.

Boost work efficiency

Monitor what time employees take to perform tasks with the live time tracking feature from employee monitoring software and know if they are efficient at work or need balanced work distribution to boost efficiency.        

Improve productivity

Track employee work hours and measure if they work for continuous hours and without breaks to alert them for some time off work to reset energy and productivity.

Avoid burnout

Divide their work hours into manageable hours with timely breaks to maintain productivity and efficiency at work; also save employees from burnout risk.

How wAnywhere can help

With AI-powered capabilities to measure employee activities, work patterns, and time spent on work, wAnywhere employee monitoring software enables you to track how your teams work and with what productivity. The monitoring tool empowers you with actionable employee insights using its comprehensive Dashboard showing real-time analytics based on employee actions to enhance performance. See wAnywhere in action today to learn about its effective workforce management solutions.  

You can measure employee workload and work hours to know if they’re over-utilized – as overwork indicates a risk to employee wellbeing.

Uneven-distributed work is a major cause of overworked employees that affects their wellness.

With a balanced workload and timely alerts for breaks, you can help employees improve wellness and productivity at the workplace.

You can take the help of employee monitoring software to measure and manage employee workload and work hours to maintain wellness in remote or hybrid work.

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