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Why Time Tracking is Important for Freelancers

Posted On October 20, 2023

Managing time for freelancing or contract-based teams is a challenge. For projects in your organization utilizing freelance resources, you need to know how freelancers work in remote environments, what tasks they do at what time and with what productivity, what apps and websites they access to learn their productive and non-productive time at work, what are they working currently, and what are their exact work hours to know how it impacts project timelines.

Let’s start with understanding why time tracking for freelancers matters:

Need of time tracking for freelancers

Time-critical projects using freelance resources to get done need to be taken care of for budget and timeline concerns. How your freelance teams work and what efficiency they perform define the project cost and deadline. Here, employee monitoring software with the time tracking feature can help you accurately measure how your contract-based teams spend work hours and with what efficiency to estimate productive work, and the inefficiency adding to project delay and cost.

How time tracking can impact efficiency for freelancing teams

With time tracking for your freelance or contract-based teams, you can identify and control time leakage factors in remote work to encourage more efficiency and manage budget costs and project timelines.

Let’s understand how time tracking helps improve efficiency for your freelancing or contract-based teams:

– Login and Logout Time

Know when freelance teams log into work and when they log out to measure total work hours and how it impacts work productivity and timeline.     

– Active and Idle Hours

Learn what time your contract-based or freelance teams spend as active at work and what time they spend as idle to measure how it impacts their work hours and efficiency.  

– App and Web Usage

Measure what apps and websites your freelance teams access in remote work to know what productive and non-productive hours they spend and how it impacts their work efficiency.  

– Accurate Work Hours                                                  

Estimate your contract-based teams’ work hours considering login and logout time, active and idle hours, app and web usage, to know what their accurate work hours are.

Right Billing

Measuring exact work hours for your freelance teams helps you do the right billing for every hour worked and avoid work-hour conflict.        

What are the benefits of employee monitoring software for time tracking

Time tracking for freelancers

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Utilize employee monitoring software to keep track of time for your freelancing teams’ work, what tasks they perform and with what efficiency, what productive and non-productive activities they do to measure impact on project timeline and control productive work to maintain project cost.

Let’s discover what benefits employee monitoring software can bring to track time and work efficiency for your remote working freelance or contract-based teams:       

– Real Time Activity Tracking

Learn about when your freelancing teams log into work, what apps and websites they access, what active time they spend, when they log out, and what total hours they work to measure their efficiency in achieving the project timeline.   

– Break and Idle Time

Know when your freelance teams take breaks and when they stay idle from work to measure what productivity they perform and how they utilize work hours to learn the impact on performance and project timeline.                

– Automated Timesheets

Get automated timesheets with employee monitoring software to avoid manual efforts and know what they work, at what time, and with what efficiency to measure their productive hours for billing and control project cost.     

– Screenshots

Get proof of work against your contract-based employees’ activities to learn in real-time what tasks they’re doing, with what efficiency and productivity to identify inefficiency at work and deduct non-productive time from work hours for accurate billing; also, avoid work-hour conflicts.     

– Productive and Non-productive Time

Detect app and web usage of your freelancing teams to know what productive and non-productive hours they spend and control their efficiency at work to maintain the project timeline. 

wAnywhere Productivity Labeling

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– Maximize Efficient Hours

Alert teams extending or frequently using break time that can impact efficiency and delay work. Avoid inefficiency at work by notifying your freelance teams about non-productive activities and encourage more productive work for timely project completion.       

– Control Project Cost and Timeline

Align your freelancing teams with the project timeline by detecting and alerting them for non-performance against extending and frequent idle and break times – and unproductive app and web usage – to avoid project delay and control the project cost. 

How wAnywhere can help with time tracking

Get wAnywhere employee monitoring software for its AI-powered comprehensive time tracking features for your freelance and contract-based remote working teams. Try wAnywhere today to measure what tasks your freelance teams do, at what time, and with what efficiency to accurately estimate their work hours and billing.

With time tracking for your freelance and contract-based teams, you can know how teams work and how it impacts their work efficiency to improve work hours.

Utilizing employee monitoring software helps measure what hours freelancers work, what active, idle, and break time they use, how efficiently they work, and what are their productive hours.

Tracking time for freelance teams helps you learn when freelancers log into work, what tasks they do and at what time, what active and idle time they spend, and what productive and non-productive time they work.

Effective time tracking from a capable employee monitoring software helps measure what hours your freelance teams work and with what efficiency to estimate their accurate work hours and billing.

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