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Call Centre Screen Monitoring – What are the Use Cases and Benefits You Need to Know

Posted On May 30, 2024

Data-intensive BPO operations are at the center of attacks and need strong security measures to identify and prevent threats before they cause damage. An IBM Data Breach Report 2024 reveals that organizations suffer an average data breach cost of USD 5.36M in the absence of a robust security system in place. Growing breach instances and regulatory costs indicate an urgent need for effective BPO security to control data privacy and ensure workplace compliance.

Are you facing the challenge of how to keep track of the diverse activities of your BPO teams working in hybrid and remote environments? Or, wondering how BPO employee activities impact operational security and workplace compliance? The answer lies in gaining advanced capabilities to measure and analyze how compliant BPO teams behave at work to get threat intelligence and control risks. Leverage call center screen monitoring that helps you get real-time workforce analytics and respond ahead of threats before they do damage.

Call center screen monitoring

Let’s further discuss how integrating screen monitoring in your call center workflows can help align your BPO teams and regulate workplace compliance:

What are the 5 most critical use cases for call center screen monitoring

Overcome the limitation of knowing how your BPO teams work in remote and hybrid environments with call center screen monitoring and gain complete visibility into whether they follow regulatory compliance, or their behavior indicates risks.

Let’s explore the top use cases where call center screen monitoring can prove an effective solution:

Stay in sync with how BPO employees behave in remote work

As the IBM Data Breach Report 2024 shows – employees with access to sensitive data pose the greatest risk (62.8%) to data privacy. With screen monitoring, you can measure employee behavior and find whether it hints at risks.

Align remote employees with regulatory compliance

The report adds that 20% of organizations experienced USD 250,000 as data breach costs in 2023, highlighting the pressing need to regulate workplace compliance. Take live screen recording for your help and learn whether BPO teams work in accordance with defined industry rules.

Detect actions indicating risks

The data breach survey underscores that stolen and compromised credentials were responsible for 16% and 15% of breaches respectively. Get continuous monitoring to track agents’ actions and determine whether they misuse their authority.

Predict and act ahead of threats

Businesses report insider attacks were the costliest with an average cost of USD 4.90 million. Implementing screen monitoring can help mitigate insider threats with real-time activity alerts so you can detect and act in advance.

Avoid negligent or accidental data threats

The survey adds that gaining threat intelligence helped organizations identify breaches 28 days faster. Unlock screen monitoring to capture data that matters and align BPO employee behavior.

Insider threats

Let’s find out what advantages you can gain with screen monitoring in BPOs:

How call center screen monitoring can help strengthen operational security

Achieve complete visibility into your remote or hybrid BPO teams’ workflows with real-time monitoring, and control threats to ensure call center efficiency.

Gain threat intelligence to control risks before they happen

Analyze real-time data and identify whether employee actions follow defined industry regulations.

Find out subtle deviations in employee activities 

Help your BPO teams stay aligned with business rules, including the Clean Desk Policy, to avoid risks to workplace compliance and data privacy. 

Mitigate workplace distractions and improve employee efficiency

Identify and improve employee time wasted in the non-productive app and web usage, also limit risky online resources that can pose threats to data confidentiality.

Ensure compliant employee behavior and industry regulations

Implement essential workplace security standards and observe employee behavior to measure how compliant teams perform.   

Let’s discuss how AI security can help you gain an edge over incrementing security threats:  

Why do you need wAnywhere employee monitoring software 

Unlock advanced security and compliance capabilities from wAnywhere AI security to predict and prevent threats before they occur.

Real-time monitoring

Capture employee activities as they happen to respond ahead of time to mitigate potential data risks.

Advanced behavior analytics

Find when employees do what activities and how it impacts workplace compliance to align employee actions with regulatory compliance.   

Improved security and compliance

Implement strong security measures across your remote and hybrid BPO teams to regulate the workflow.

Strengthen security posture in your BPO and achieve operational efficiency

Staying ahead of threats is key to ensuring secure and efficient business operations. Experience wAnywhere today to explore how the trusted employee monitoring software by leading BPOs worldwide can help strengthen your security posture and achieve operational efficiency.

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