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Strengthen Your BPO Security – Gain control over emerging threats

Posted On April 4, 2024

Managing compliance for your data-critical BPO operations is tricky, and evolving workplaces – where teams are distributed across locations, including office, remote, and hybrid – are adding to the challenge. Find out how AI-powered advanced security and compliance solutions from the wAnywhere employee monitoring system can help you ensure Clean Desk Policy and data privacy at work for safe and efficient BPO processes.

Are you concerned about ensuring compliance and information safety for data-intensive operations in your BPO business? Or, struggling to align your BPO employees, working in the office, remote, or hybrid workplace? Regulating operations and maintaining trust is never easy, and so is avoiding non-compliance fines and business or revenue loss, especially when organizations reported a 31.6% increase in data breach costs in 2023 (precisely, $5.28mn increase from $3.4mn in 2022 – IBM data breach cost report). You can get help with AI security solutions tailored to your compliance needs in evolving work norms.

BPO security

Let’s discuss the effective security and privacy solutions you can adopt to identify and improve compliance irregularities in your BPO employee behavior and workflows:

How compliance monitoring can help align your BPO operations

With so much happening in your BPO workplace, the chances are greater you will miss on the important indications that matter to strengthen the security and regulate the operations. By integrating robust AI monitoring software in your office, remote, or hybrid BPO work, you can gain the advanced capability to stay in sync with what your BPO teams are doing, how their activities impact workplace compliance or data privacy, and what you need to control to eliminate risks and ensure safe and efficient BPO processes.

Here are a few actionable advantages you can gain with advanced security and compliance from employee monitoring software to stay ahead of the threats and timely respond to mitigate any data and revenue loss arising from workplace non-compliance or irregularities:

Define controls to measure employee actions

Implement security controls to critical workflows in your BPO operations and measure how employees in data-sensitive roles act. You can better predict discrepancies in employee behavior, identify the factors leading them to non-compliance, and control activities to align your workforce and improve workplace security.                         

Respond in real time to ensure workplace regulations

Get real-time alerts against employee activities indicating risks to avoid potential harm, including unrecoverable data loss and regulation breaches to industry standards that could disrupt operational efficiency and lead to workplace non-compliance.

Enable compliance to avoid loss of trust and revenue

Align employee actions with business objectives to keep them focused which also helps mitigate non-compliance incurred financial costs deriving from regulatory fines and remediating the irregularities. The IBM – data breach cost report reveals a $100,000 increase from 2022, emphasizing the importance of data security in information-intensive industries, including BPOs, Contact Centers, and Finance Services.

Insider threats

By integrating an advanced compliance management and monitoring solution with your data-intensive BPO processes, not only you can improve your capability to spot vulnerable security points in BPO processes but also gain the potential to act well in advance to neutralize the likely threats.

Why wAnywhere is an effective solution to your compliance needs

Leverage leading security solutions from call center monitoring software powered with AI and trusted by established BPOs – like yours – across the globe that empower you to:

Get real-time monitoring

Gain live screen recording to identify employee behavior indicative of risks including accessing risky apps and websites or performing copy-paste action on the keyboard capturing the screen showing important data that could pose security threats respond in time to reverse regulation or data breach avoid compliance costs and reputation harm to keep clients’ trust intact   

Gain AI-powered automated detections

Leverage predictive and behavioral analytics to track employee actions and trigger corrective measures from black/block screen and OTP screen lock in case of instances leading to non-compliance and data risks including unknown person detection at work with AI-enabled precise face recognition to avoid unvalidated access to business resources identify employee not at desk leaving the machine unattended for data leak prevention and recognize multiple persons around employee workplace to counter unauthorized sensitive data exposure.

Set location tracking and geofencing

Stay in sync with locations of your BPO employees working hybrid or remotely to ensure they are at the defined workplace, and enable geofence to control employee movement beyond the encircled area for business data and device security.

Enable Clean Desk Policy and Data Privacy

Maintain a Clean Desk Policy at the workplace with the detection and prevention of any recording instrument at the employee work desk, including mobile or pen/USB drive, etc., to curb the instances of screen/data capture or recording. Ensure secure data processing and masking for critical business and client details, including health, financial, or other sensitive information; enable compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS, and more industry regulations. 

Enhance your BPO security and regulate workflows

Leverage the power of AI-enabled leading security and compliance capabilities that enable you with actionable insights to stay alert on what employee actions could lead to threats and how to act ahead of the potential harm to neutralize the damage. Start your wAnywhere experience today to amplify BPO security.              

Gaining predictive and behavioral analytics can enhance your capability to respond in real-time and stop risks indicative of threats that help mitigate data loss and regulatory fines.

The data-intensive business processes of BPOs need to maintain high compliance with industry regulations to avoid data threats and keep client trust intact. By integrating AI security with your BPO workflows, you can leverage automated detections and prevent activities indicating risks to negate potential damage.

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