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Performance monitoring – Identify and improve workplace inefficiency

Posted On January 12, 2024

With evolving workplaces, teams are working in distributed environments that have made it tricky for organizations to keep track of remote employees’ behavior and align their efforts to business goals. The growing cases of unproductive website usage in remote work are causing companies to suffer a significant loss of around $28bn every year. Not only this but factors including low employee engagement, under-utilization, and unoptimized work hours add to business operation inefficiency, impacting its capability to achieve greater performance. Realizing the potential of employee productivity in remote work, the percentage of organizations prioritizing employee performance management has increased to nearly 50% in 2023 (up from 31% in 2021). These organizations also consider implementing employee productivity monitoring software to maintain operational efficiency.

The emergence of remote work since the pandemic has completely transformed the way teams used to operate. Now employees can leverage the flexibility to work anywhere other than closed office premises. Adopting distributed work is not enough as its benefits can get spoiled if teams’ behavior is not aligned with the purpose. Unmonitored remote environments can lead to more employees slacking off than actively working. To counter the increasing instances of time theft resulting in more non-productive hours in virtual work, businesses have recognized the value of performance monitoring to enhance employee efficiency in remote work environments.

Why performance monitoring is needed

Performance monitoring tool

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How can you know if teams working away are engaged with assigned tasks? Whether they work focused or are distracted and causing workplace inefficiency? The challenges can further grow if you are not aware of overworking or under-performing workforces which can affect employee focus time and quality of work. If not addressed, these challenges can harm remote work and discourage teams’ morale. The application of an employee performance monitoring tool is effective in avoiding such cases and bringing harmony between the future of work and workforce productivity.

An employee spends around 32% of the workday (about 2 hours 35 minutes) on social media.

Close to 80% of employees think they’re not productive for a complete 8-hour workday.

Work inefficiency costs businesses around $1967 per employee each year.

92% of the workforce feel a supportive technology helps simplify work and improves engagement.

The expected market growth rate of performance management software is about 14.2%.

Only 2% of businesses think performance management is not important.

How performance monitoring helps measure employee productivity

How employees behave defines workplace productivity. Organizations need to be more aware of workforce actions in remote work to understand what drives or disrupts employee efficiency. Unmonitored distributed work can increase the possibility of employees slacking rather than working that must be controlled to avoid work inefficiency, stretched project timelines, and cost overheads due to delayed work.

The growing challenges in transforming workplaces have forced 98% of remote organizations to consider performance management as a potential medium to evaluate employee workflow and identify what accelerates or impacts workforce productivity in remote work.

Let’s find out why advanced AI-powered performance monitoring is more effective in identifying and eliminating productivity blind spots in distributed environments:

Evaluate employee engagement at work

Measure how focused or distracted employees are at work. Businesses with greater workforce engagement levels have reported about 27% revenue growth and 38% productivity increase. With employee performance monitoring, you can further drill down to know what employee activities consume most of their time and whether their actions contribute to or disrupt workplace productivity.

Capture real-time employee work data

Time tracking with screenshots, integrated with employee performance monitoring software, enables you to capture screenshots at defined intervals to get real-time updates about how your remote teams work, what time they spend on what tasks, and what their active, idle, or total work hours are. About 72% of workers feel their performance can improve if their managers can provide the right feedback. The app and web usage tracking with a performance monitoring system helps you get productive and unproductive employee hours that you can share with teams to help them optimize work hours.  

Assess employee utilization

Know what employees are overworking and struggling with less focus time that impacts the quality of work. Employee workload data recorded with performance monitoring suggests what teams are over or underutilized to eliminate uneven work distribution. Balancing workload avoids employee dissatisfaction, even turnover, and encourages more focused performance.

Examine employee behavior

Identify whether employees are compliant with business and data policy. Security and compliance features from performance monitoring automate alerts against unruly employee behavior including mobile detection at work, leaving the machine unattended, an unknown person at the desk, or multiple persons around the workplace to ensure a clean desk policy and negate data privacy risks. No distractions at work lead to more productive employee performance.

How to Measure Employee Quality of Work

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Measure KPIs

Evaluate what are employees’ key performance indicators and whether employee KPIs are aligned with business objectives. Organizations having a workforce working in the right direction gain around 83% higher profits than businesses backed by distracted employees. Live activity tracking with performance monitoring software helps you monitor employee actions and keep them in sync with business goals.

Boost employee productivity with wAnywhere

Don’t let the flexible and unmonitored future of work hamper employee efficiency. Leverage advanced AI capabilities of wAnywhere employee monitoring software to identify and eliminate productivity blind spots in virtual work environments. Start a free trial to see how the productivity-enhancing tool can help you improve workplace efficiency.

Employee performance monitoring enables organizations to capture and analyze employee performance in office, remote, and hybrid work.

With performance monitoring, organizations aim to enhance employee productivity and improve operational efficiency.

The performance monitoring process includes:

  • Monitor employee work progress
  • Summarize workforce performance
  • Acknowledge top achievers

Performance management ensures employees are provided the needed resources to perform, recognize the top performers, and encourage the workforce to achieve more.

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