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Know the Dupont Method – How It Redefines Shift Management

Posted On February 5, 2024

Business operations vary and so do the employee shifts. Working in rotational staff schedules, employees facilitate organizations with operational continuity, but they equally face challenges from overwork, burnout, and low morale. The DuPont method can help companies balance work schedules with operational demands and keep employees performing their productive best.

Employees working in shifts form around 20% of the global workforce. Shift workers are the fuel behind round-the-clock operations of the BPO industry, contact centers, and many startup businesses globally. Organizations with uninterrupted business needs expect the workforce to adapt to rotational work schedules. Managing rotations is not easy for employees as they work against the biological clock while employers experience the challenge of maintaining employee engagement in shifts.

DuPont Method

What is the DuPont method of work scheduling

The work schedule derives its name from Dupont Corporation which invented the method in the 1950s. The method of scheduling divides employee hours into shorter shifts to ensure that employees are comfortable and perform more productive work. 

How does the DuPont method of scheduling work

The work method parts a 24-hour day into 3 sets of 8 hours that are called crews. Each crew is allocated work shifts from 8 am to 4 pm4 pm to 12 am, or 12 am to 8 am.

The method helps employees rotate through different schedules every four or six weeks and ensures fair distribution of shifts – including day, evening, and night – to each team.

Industry implementations of DuPont method of work

The DuPont Schedule is a versatile work method, utilized across industries for operational efficiency and employee well-being. Let’s understand how various sectors leverage the DuPont method:


Companies establishing the business aim to capture more market share with extended operational hours. The DuPont work method helps startup businesses manage rotational shifts of their workforce to support uninterrupted operations.


IT teams working for global clients in different time zones need to complement work with round-the-clock operations. The DuPont method of scheduling shifts can enable IT organizations to evenly distribute shifts to their workforce and keep operational efficiency.


BPOs processing outsourced business from across the globe need to meet high operational demand and maintain sufficient staff to support the volume of work. The DuPont work schedule is beneficial for BPO businesses, allowing seamless 24×7 operations.


Organizations working with global talents as contract teams need to schedule shifts to complement their different time zones. The DuPont schedule can aptly support shift management for companies employed with freelance workers.

The widespread application of the DuPont Schedule across diverse sectors highlights the adaptability and effectiveness of the method in meeting the unique demands of different work environments.

How wAnywhere can help 

wAnywhere provides AI-powered advanced future work solutions that help organizations manage their office, hybrid, and remote teams. The all-in-one productivity tool integrates highly effective features to improve engagement, collaboration, and time management for teams working anywhere.

Applying DuPont schedule with wAnywhere

Implementation of the DuPont method for work shifts can be challenging, especially for businesses with continuous operational needs. wAnywhere employee monitoring software can help support demanding businesses with the DuPont schedule and enable them to leverage the following features:

Shift management 

Complement the different time zones of your global teams by allocating the supporting shifts for them. The shift management feature from wAnywhere productivity monitoring software helps organizations with different shift schedules to favor the time and work preferences of teams located across the globe.

How to schedule and manage employee shifts with wAnywhere

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Workforce analytics 

Capture the work details that matter and measure employee performance. Find out how your teams are doing in distributed work environments with actionable workforce analytics extracted by employee tracking software.

Time management  

Get real-time updates about how your employees spend the day at work and align time management. Take screenshots at defined intervals with screen monitoring software to have proof of work for employee activities during work hours.

Detailed reports 

Measure how efficiently your distributed working employees perform. Access detailed reports based on work data with employee computer monitoring software to identify what factors disrupt employee engagement at work and how to improve productivity.

Advantages of applying DuPont schedule with wAnywhere

The work data that wAnywhere captures with real-time employee activity monitoring can provide organizations the insight into what teams are overworking, underutilized, or skilled in specific roles to schedule the shifts accordingly.

Let’s find out how wAnywhere can be beneficial in implementing the DuPont work method:

Prevent burnout

The time management software helps evaluate employee utilization and identify what team members are over or underutilized. With actionable work data, you can assign employees shifts based on work volume to avoid burnout and low performance.    

Avoid overworking 

The workforce analytics from the monitoring tool enable you to find employees with available bandwidth to take on more work. Allocate underutilized team members the work-intense shifts and balance workload for overworking employees.         

Ensure skill utilization 

Know what skills your teams practice with project management and assign them role-based shifts for quality of work. It helps ensure skilled employees are best utilized with role-specific projects and they are allocated schedules where they can perform value-driven work.

Managing employee shifts can be challenging for organizations if they ignore employee well-being and engagement. The DuPont work schedule with its effective shift management solutions can help companies overcome the disruptions they face for continuous operations. Here, wAnywhere can help organizations get the insights they need to balance employee shifts, utilization, and well-being for the successful implementation of the DuPont work method. See it in action today.

The DuPont schedule is a work method that divides employee hours into shorter shifts over a 24x7 period.

With the DuPont work method, you can rotate employee shifts to ensure each team member gets enough rest and feels comfortable to start the next shift.

DuPont schedule was invented by DuPont Corporation in the 1950s and derives the name after the company.

The crew refers to the work schedule in the DuPont shift method.

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