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5 Effective Ways to Boost Productivity for Your Remote Teams

Posted On August 25, 2023

The evolved work culture post-pandemic changed the way employees work. Benefiting flexibility and comfort, it also has raised concern for remote organizations about how to track employee productivity when working in a distributed environment. Organizations are worried about the lack of work structure and distractions in remote work that can result in low employee productivity and unoptimized business operations. 

Moving forward – when it is strongly expected that remote work will further grow – organizations need an effective solution to aptly adopt distributed work and efficiently manage their remote working teams. A survey by Gartner supports the fact that 80% of business owners and leaders are willing to let their employees work remotely, while Global Workplace Analytics gives a similar cue by finding in research that remote teams are 35-40% more productive than their in-office counterparts.

The blog discusses 5 beneficial solutions for concerned remote organizations to help them enhance productivity for their distributed teams and find them the answer about how to track productivity with employee monitoring software.

1. Define Goals and Priorities

Be clear on what you need to accomplish and set measurable goals that will help increase productivity for your distributed teams. By knowing what productivity parameters you need to monitor, you can help remote teams from getting distracted and stay aligned with business goals. Define objectives for teams, prioritize tasks based on importance, and get employee productivity reports to keep track of how they work and what progress they have made. 

2. Align Remote Teams  

Boost Remote Teams Productivity

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Help your remote teams stay focused by reminding them of the organization’s expectations and their productivity contributions. Do productivity analytics for their actions and motivate them for their efforts to create a positive work environment where teams feel encouraged and work with the combined motive to achieve objectives.  

Some helpful suggestions to better align your remote teams to achieve goals:   

● Define teams’ contribution in fulfilling business expectations  

● Limit the unproductive time of remote teams to boost work efficiency

● Detect risky behavior in remote work and control violations

3. Establish Work Routine

Define a routine for remote teams and track employee clock-in and clock-out times to measure when they start work, what hours they work, and when they sign off. Encourage them to log in at a defined time and work for scheduled hours to meet the expected productivity. Send a gentle reminder to teams that are not aligning with the work hours to help them follow the defined work routine.     

A few effective points you can consider to help your remote teams:  

 Track when teams log in to work, and when they sign off  

 Monitor what total hours they work    

 Measure what productivity they achieve

Automated Employee Time Tracking and Real Time Insights

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4. Avoid Distractions

Track what factors are causing unproductive time for your remote teams with screenshot monitoring and help them optimize their productive hours. Remind them about what progress they have made while doing a task and what more work they need to perform to complete the task. Also, restrict non-work bound app and website usage in remote work to keep teams focused and performing. 

5. Encourage Performance

Monitor what teams are overburdened and what teams have the bandwidth to take on more tasks to balance the work distribution. Save your teams from getting burned out and utilize their energy and skills in a more productive way. Also, remind them to take breaks if they work for continuous hours to take care of employee wellness and keep them motivated for more efficient work.       

Get assistance from a leading employee monitoring software that enables you to gain productivity insights into how remote teams perform, what are their productive hours, and where they need help to perform more efficiently. Try wAnywhere employee monitoring software today to know how it empowers your teams to accelerate performance and contribute better in optimizing business operations.   

If aptly managed, remote work allows teams more flexibility and focused time to stay concentrated on the assigned responsibilities to help them perform with improved dedication.

To keep remote teams performing, you can define Break and Idle time, Active and Aux time, App and Web usage, Activity Tracking, and Productive Work Hours.

Productivity insights like app and web usage detect what productive and unproductive time teams spend, break and idle time shows how teams can optimize their work hours, and activity tracking reveals their work patterns in remote work to keep teams aligned to business goals.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks – and as remote work is being seen as the future of work, it keeps more potential in terms of better focus time for more quality work - and opportunity in terms of more flexible work for better productivity. This is why remote work is gaining more support both from employers and employees to adopt and make it efficient for teams and businesses to perform and grow.

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